Oh Darling.

Please believe me, I'll never do you no harm...

//Cardigan - Thrifted//Top - Primark//Skirt - Urban Oufitters//Tights - TU//Shoes - Ted and Muffy//

I planned to shoot a different outfit with this skirt today but when I picked up this amazing vintage Chanel-esque cardigan yesterday I couldn't help but pair the two. I definitely feel that recently I am going back to my more preppy roots with my style, even if now there is more of a hipster vibe. As always I get most of my inspiration from books, TV and films and in this case Madison Montgomery from American Horror Story: Coven is my muse, and because of the textures of the cardigan and skirt I am still channeling some of the Chanel catwalk combos over the years. You know the ones I mean. I wish I had time to write more but I have to get back to studying for end of semester assignments and exams.

XO, Miriam

P.S. Have a wonderful day or night.

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  1. Your jacket! I think I'm in love. Great outfit darling.

    Wendy Xx


  2. I love the combination of pink and monochrome! I'd never think to do that but it's look great here. Such an Autumn-vibe :)

    Sterling, XLeptodactylous

    1. Thank you darling! I don't think I am ever going to stop dressing like it is autumn...