The Small Things| Converse All Stars

No they aren't high tops, or a obnoxiously bright red shade, nor are they new and clean. But then again converse look weird clean.

 My pair of Converse All Stars, are my first pair, and I bought them last summer with a 20% student discount in a size bigger than my feet. I will never regret this, I wore day in day out for a good 2 months, they took me across Paris in August and the cobbled streets of  Bath in November and December. Over worn and tired they remain to this day my favourite pair of shoes in wardrobe; not because they are comfy (well okay that too), but because I could wear these with my prom dress and it would be okay for me to go to college like that.

Slip on, slip off. Over and over. 

I have stretched the laces too much and now when I tie them up they are too long and drag along the tarmac pavements, and in the dirt tracks that I walk down. Most fashion blogs that I read and the people behind them would never get, 'sentimantal' for lack of a better word, about a pair of converse trainers, Jimmy Choo's maybe but not me. I will happily wear converse in a weird grey colour for the rest of my days, even though there will be days were the brogues have more appeal, these will 'always' be my favourite pair of shoes. (Don't quote me on that)

XO, Miriam

Roses are Red...

 and violets are blue right? Well yes, but the the roses that I would decorate my imaginary flat in Paris with would be white, or maybe even yellow, just not red. And violets they maybe one of my favourite colours according to the rhyme but nope they make me sneeze.

If you read yesterday's post then you know I went to a fashion exhibition at Killerton House, and well I couldn't miss an oppotunity to dress up like the lady of the house. Boy have I been watching too much Downton Abbey..
 I will never get bored of wearing this jacket, I will be sad to leave it at home when I go to university, it is my mum's after all. I will however be bring this cosy jumper that I bought last year in Bath from a street stall, not far away from the train station. Yes the roses are red, but they are also pink and knitted from a soft fuzzy wool/thread.
 Of course I wore my chelsea boots and a black maxi skirt, so effortless and chic. Chic actually means elegant in french so I have rediscovered my love for the word again.
 Underneath the cosy and rought outer layers there is a more elegant touch, layering my black maxi skirt over what is now a too short dress to create a more put together look seemed so right on a Sunday morning, and even if I do say so myself it was a good choice.
 What on earth happened to my face? errrmmmm help
 Yay a black and white selfie to showcase the bow on the dress and the pearl necklace that my boyfriend surprised me with on Valentines day! I feel like Audrey Hepburn outside Tiffany's as Holly go-lightly

XO, Miriam

I want to believe.

- Panic! At The Disco

 Today, I went to a fashion and arts exhibition at the National Trust's Killerton House and Gardens! What I didn't know when I turned up was that a lot of the peices that are on display at the moment are creations from 2nd year students at my college, which I thought was really cool... I hate the word cool.
 This was such a good shot, and then my camera photobomed, must get better at taking photos!
 This was one of my favourite pieces at the exhibition, as it brought the old world of the house together with new and creative art ideas. That and the colours remind me of Les Mis and the tricolour flag of France!

 I have explored the halls of this house a hundred times over, but as I walk into one of the rooms it had changed. It was covered in wall hangings from memorial day, covered in poppies, it was beautiful to see.

 I like maps. And globes are 3D maps. I was to scared to spin the globe so I took a picture of Russia instead, well it is where the Winter Olympics are taking place..

XO, Miriam

We All Make Mistakes.

I made a mistake with a photo shot of and outfit, I am sorry. This was going to be a somewhat short post, but I just wasn't happy with the way the photos turned out of this outfit, so I made way with a strong selfie game and moved on. This was meant to be a post about experimenting, mixing blue with black, and layering etc. I just think there are so many better ways this outfit could be shot I will give you a selfie and a small piece of advice for finding your own personal style.

Try everything, but the things that you keep coming back to, those are your style.
- I can't remember where this quote is from...

XO, Miriam

P.S. Yes I use an old receipt from Zara to blot my lipstick...

Rainbows and Roses

 I suppose I shouldn't really be writing this instead of revising but one must always take a break from such things right? Anyway moving on, I was really struggling with the lighting today for these photos, but I really wanted to take photos of a simple outfit with a statement piece!
 I spent the morning at my boyfriends house, lying in pyjamas and talking about nothing much, followed by a brunch of scrambled eggs and baked beans on toast. I love Sundays for moments like those not being lazy as such but just taking your time to be happy and be around people you love.
 I was taking inspiration from some of the photos of #NYFW on Instagram and pretended that the forcasted rain was going to be snow, so it would be okay to wear my massive faux fur coat by DKNY Jeans (thank goodness for TkMaxx). Paired with my acid wash skinny jeans from Topshop, a generic white shirt, complete with a t-shirt for that perfect "street-style" layered look, I felt ready to face a day of drinking tea and writing essays... Naturally I am doing that thing where I wear my new shoes more that all the other shoes and have yet again donned my chelsea boots for a preppy touch.
I hope you all had a wonderful Sunday.
XO, Miriam

Velvet Kisses.

A few days ago there was a rare moment of sunshine, so I grabbed one of the many outfits I have been waiting to get photos of and headed to a place of iron wrought gates and arches covered in ivy. AKA. the front garden. In amongst the almost romantic and spring garden I danced around in a casual, dare I mention it, Valentines day outfit.

How did I forget the terracotta bricks and the holly? I have been styling skirts over dresses quite a bit recently, as shown in my last post, here. I think that when done with the right mixture of colour and textures it can look just as good as the trusty band-tee and jeans combo.
How I managed to have my eyes shut in every single one of the shots I did in similar poses I haven't a clue... Anyway back to the clothes, I chose my velvet skirt from Topshop over this lacy dress from Chelsea Girl @ River Island, because you can see the hem of the dress peeking out from underneath. For me that helped complete the outfit, making the look both seamless and both pieces stand out.
This shot reminds me of the disposable cameras I had so much as a child, they were so much fun it was guess work as to whether the pictures would be good or not. What I would really like is to have one of those to take pictures of my IB class before we all go our separate ways to university. Which is going to be in September hopefully!
 Dappled sunlight through the ivy leaves and arch, I am yet to decide whether I like the wear a jacket as a cape thing. I always imagined it to be a thing that happened when a guy gave you his blazer on a cold night and he walks you home.

I am a hopeless romantic until they buy me something and it isn't an occasion. Not even sorry.
How could I resist adding a preppy twist? On with the knee high socks (borrowed from my boyfriends sister) and my lovely reliable brogues from Clarks. I only just noticed the lawn could do with a trim...
One final note on this look, the jacket. It was featured in several posts last year, but I never really told it's story. This is important because the jacket isn't mine, it is my mums, but before that is was my dads. I love the way it looks on outfits like this as it extenuates the waistline!

XO, Miriam

P.S. Do you prefer the outfit posts without such an explanation or with it? I want to explain so I can go back and see my style progression and for anyone who actually reads it to be able to recreate the look with their wardrobes.

Taylor Swift | The Red Tour

Either you have never read my blog before or you haven't been paying attention, but I went to see Taylor Swift's Red Tour on Saturday. And this is what I wore, along with a few photos of the concert! I have other photos but don't feel like sharing all of them, too many photos...

This is going to be a post of many photos and little writing, not that anyone here looks at my blog for the weird anecdotes ;)


 The Vamps
I layered a 50's style black circle skirt form Red-Herring over my 50's style summer dress, similar to that which Taylor has worn before. I added a belt and some handmade cat ears to complete the look and BAM I am ready to party hard at a concert.
This is one of my favourite photos I took of the concert

 Taylor and Ed Sheeran sang Lego house together while I fangirled
"All To Well"

XO, Miriam

Summertime Sadness

*kiss me hard before you go Summertime Sadness*

The other day was bright to begin with, so naturally I assumed that it would be warm outside *MISTAKE #1* I then went for quite a preppy, almost put together look including a short sleeved shirt *MISTAKE #2*. Basically you can see from this I am not good at wearing outfits that are appropriate for the great British weather.

Jewelry is not my strong point, so wearing 3 necklaces at once for me is very different, I usually just wear my bracelets and some stud earrings! I have no idea where I these came from I found them in my box of things a day or so ago.
I love how well these trousers fitted me, normally it is a month long struggle to find a nice pair of trousers that look nice and accommodate my small waist/long legs combo. So I was shocked to find this pair in the Topshop sale rack. And paired with my sisters M&S school shirt it brings back memories of last summer and pretty pastel colours just in time for spring.
Ahhh the shoes, yet another new comer to my wardrobe, I found them in M&S of all places normaly I am not one to shop in there but while browsing with my mum I found these. A few weeks later I made the purchase and I am glad I did. And naturally I wore them on their fist outing with Topshops frilly socks.

What colours have you been wearing lately?

XO, Miriam

P.S. Some of you who follow me on Twitter and Instagram will know that I have been in London this weekend to see Taylor Swift. A post is on it's way but I don't want to ruin it for those who are yet to see it, there could be a surprise for them!