Black and White

Many things are black and white, but more live within that grey area that sits between.This  was a topic that had been weighing on Alison's mind for a while now. The question was where did she fit in all of this. There were things that only she knew which made them black and white to her eye."It's as though as soon as I say what I think the issue becomes a grey area to be avoided" she said out loud to an empty room. The sound echoed off the fading white walls. The only thing that will forever be black and white even when they fade are the keys of a piano. Her fingers played softly as if she were trying to separate the white and black from the grey that was her mind. Then a whisper to herself "I am the grey area".

All that glitters.

All that glitters.

All that glitters is golden, well that's what they say. But how can that be true, when the sun shines everything glitters. Today was different though, she awoke shaking on the floor, the space above her span and swirled. This wasn't the way she imagined it to end. Fragments of the last mornings events were but wisps of smoke compared to the throbbing in her side.
I feel I ought to explain, although it is somewhat difficult. You see it all began as a game, like many tales do, except that the game was her own. A game in which she made and broke the rules.

(I am trying a new technique of writing. The idea is to write a short beginning of a story based on a key word from my Outfit Of The Day picture.)

Let me see...

Happened to be one of those days where I managed to pull a competent outfit out of the wardrobe without too much brain work. And the Bow Tie, god only knows why I put that on.                                                            Image