The Embankment.

I don't live in London, yet during the semester I live closer than I ever have before and somehow I have only managed to go back to the capital during my Christmas Holidays after s 5hr long coach journey with my sister. The first stop on our trip was Oxford Street, New Bond Street, Bond Street, Regent Street and of course Carnaby Street. But for me at least a trip to London isn't complete without a walk along the embankment past Big Ben and the London Eye, followed by the skate park in the dim light after dinner to watch the people do there thing down there.

When we first arrived I kinda wanted to take outfit photos but I prefer the weird touristy photos I now have that I have taken several times in different lights, at different angles and different times of year. The London skyline will always look good during the last moments of the sunset. And although I would never live there London is one of my favourite city's in the world.

XO, Miriam

Don't Ever Turn Back.

 //Dress (worn as skirt) - H! by Henry Holland//Belt - New Look//Skirt - Asos//Tights - TU//

Shot in black and white because sometimes it works better. I couldn't have felt more girly in this outfit having been to see a live screening of Bolshoi's The Nutcracker at my local cinema, those of you who follow me on social media will know I also attended the The Nutcracker in London performed by the English National Ballet which was equally as beautiful. 

Not everything is as black and white as the answers for s maths question. People and words are more complicated, and who am I to know who is truthful and who lies so sweetly I cannot help but believe it. Time wait for nobody and life will swiftly take you from one place to another, and yes it is sometimes hard to be grateful for what you have but for this holiday season at least try to be as thankful as you can for where you are. If anything this year I have learned to stand up and move on and in the words of Taylor Swift: Don't Ever Turn Back.

Have a great holiday season everybody.

XO, Miriam

My First Semester at University.

University. People are right it is an experience, I have had some of the best times of my life as well as being stressed to the max. For those of you that don't know I am studying English Literature and Publishing Media and Oxford Brookes. Yup that is right there is more than one university in Oxford and I go to the one you don't know anything about, and the one that doesn't look anything like Hogwarts.

So far for me university has tested my emotional, physical and metal boundaries, I have gone over the edge mentally, survived on toast for 3 days and missed the hell out of everyone I love back home. But do you know what, it was worth it. Yup every second, even the nights where I was writing essays until 3am in the morning and the days where I procrastinated with my friends by binge watching films and box-sets.I guess I got lucky in terms of flat mates, I have friends who are struggling to find another room in halls because their flatmates are just awful.

In terms of my lectures and classes I had to suffer through some compulsory modules that were just the bane of my life, yes I take English Literature but does that mean I want to study Shakespeare and only Shakespeare for an entire module? No I do not. Some of my classes required more work than others, some were hardly worth going to, but hey I made it. Most of the time...

I haven't once considered dropping out or changing where I am, if anything I feel more at home in Oxford than I do in the countryside. Hopefully next semester will be just as good as this one if not better!

XO, Miriam

What are you worth?

 Recently two of my favourite bloggers have tackled the idea of self-worth and self-esteem. Carrie from WishWishWish wrote a wonderful piece about body image here, while Sammy from Little Fickle wrote a personal post about Looks VS. Worth here. There are so many things I would like to say about self-worth but most of all that no one else should be able to affect it.

I couldn't think of a way to phrase this other than in what I consider to be the "English Literature style exam" style question:

Can your aesthetic ever be the same as your metaphorical worth?

 The simple answer is no, but as with all English Literature questions it is complicated. The reality is that the way in which you present yourself to others through your body language, make-up, clothes and all the rest does impact the way you feel, and does make a part of your total self worth.

You cannot value yourself just through the way you happen to look on any given day, linked to that is that you will never be up to everyone's beauty standards so don't expect to be. Don't get me wrong look after your physical appearance but just don't make it the reason you like yourself. Because we all have hundreds of other qualities that make use special and good enough for you.

I can fall into the habit of believing I am not good enough just as much as the next person can especially when it comes to looks. I guess I am a product of my generation, with a tendency to prioritise the way I look so that it equals my self-worth, but it doesn't there are so many other reasons why I am good enough, I just can't always see it.I just cannot believe I have allowed for it to impact my life for so long.


XO, Miriam

November Favourites.

(Clockwise: Smith Magazine, Moleskine Planner, Hair chalks,  Taylor Swift Polaroids, necklace, another Taylor Swift Polaroid and a disposable camera)
Smith Magazine:
A recent discovery while picking up a copy of a couple of my favourite magazines in WhSmiths. I guess it is more of a "book-azine" as one of my publishing lecturers would say, the articles are not only well informed and interesting but is one of the few magazines where it tells the stories of extraordinary people without critique. There is not question of what the scientists who were watching Mount. St. Helens were wearing when the volcano erupted or if the authors who crticised and inspired each other had regular fall-outs or sabotaged each others work. It is a stunning magazine, I hope to see this Australian magazine again on the shelves.

A Moleskine Planner:
This is more of a semester favourite this is the sole reason I have actually met all my deadlines on time, because quite frankly without it I would forget. It has also become the place of scrawled shopping lists and blog post ideas. And can I quickly mention that it is pink, which means I feel like Elle from Legally Blonde while sat in my lectures and seminars.

Hair Chalks:
I have been experimenting with these for a few months now but I think now that my hair is longer the effect it more subtle. I am currently sporting some purples ends where I am normally blonde, and quite frankly I feel pretty damn fabulous with a little bit of colour in my hair, and these are great because I don't have to commit to maintenance or the cost of permanent colour. These probably aren't so great for those with darker hair than I but if you do have lighter hair and are prepared to be called "indie", "hipster" or "a my little pony" for a day or two they are worth it!

Taylor Swift Polariods:
And her album 1989. If you have read this blog for longer than a year then you will know that I love Taylor Swift as an artist having seen her live in concert twice so far and again next year... Not only is the music great on this album but the sets of Polaroids that came with the physical album were just a beautiful. I cannot wait until my Polaroid camera arrive now so I can experiment with the different films and lighting!

The Necklace:
I am including this because I wore this necklace at least twice a week last month without fail. Enough said.

The Disposable Camera:
A little shout out to my friend Jaimie for giving me this idea! I have been taking a disposable camera out with me for the last two or three weeks capturing the events, but because I cannot look at the result and edit out photos I don't like it gave me time to actually enjoy the moment I was experiencing rather than looking at a screen.

What were your favourites last month?

XO, Miriam

Letters to Winter| Three

I am dreaming of the coast at winter, cold harsh and salty. The sea in winter is to me the power of nature.

Dear Winter,

You let December creep up so silently, quickly, I an unsure as to where I should my place my thoughts anymore. Being in between places is strange, halfway to insanity and halfway to success, every decision in the next three weeks will decide which half will take all of me. And lately I have been wondering if the escape I found in my new city and home that I love so dearly is worth it. Because on paper it seemed to like the perfect plan but things are never quite a simple as they appear to be, and hardly ever is reality the dream you imagined for weeks on end.

It isn't about how many time you fall apart but how many you put yourself back together.

Or at least that is what they say.

Winter you get to me physically as well as mentally I guess they agree in that way at least. My hands and feet are rarely warm, and almost every slight bit of exposed skin loses all feeling. Kinda like the way I stop feeling deeply during the grey months despite my love of that haunting colour between the sea and the sky.  And yet you bring a cosy and loved up atmosphere rarely paralleled by other seasons to our small lives.

I honestly believe that your intentions are good but I wish it was easier than you make it seem.

XO, Miriam

Strange things did happen here.

No stranger would it be.

//Coat - Jack Wills//T-shirt - Zara// Dress worn as skirt - H&M//Tights - Primark//Shoes - Converse//

As November draws to a close that layers have begun to increase slowly along with the number of pairs of tights I am washing per week. Fortunately this morning I had a bit more time on my hands to wear something other than my usual jeans and a tee combo like the majority of students (I couldn't go without my daily Converse though). This outfit has the advantage that not only am I warm due to the abundance of layers, but you still look put together thanks to the lace. I chose to spin a more grungy look today but I might experiment with a more vampy look when I wear this dress out at night.

XO, Miriam

P.S. If you haven't already listen to the The Hanging Tree from the Mockingjay Part 1 Score, it is hauntingly good.

Letters to Winter| Two

Dear Winter,

I have been busy I guess. But I found time to start writing a journal again the other day, I don't know what it is but I have started to write down all the random little things that make me happy or sad throughout the day. If you look at the all of the words on the page they seem so insignificant but is there any other way of recording how you feel at that moment? I have begun to draw again, if you can call it that making up little stories in my head about love and wanderlust.

Do they like me? How can you tell when to stop trying? How do you admit that you need help? He said I love you. Maybe we should go and see that film you were on about... Fast forward. "I love you too." I heard myself say back. Could it be true? This isn't the escape she thought it would be, she thought a new city would help. But you cannot run from the problems that live in your head.
- A collection of sentences that I wrote down together the other day, questions, memories and escape.

Hopefully next week will be better.

XO, Miriam 

The Film Club| Howls Moving Castle

Recently my friends at university have reintroduced me to the works of Studio Ghibli. Having been a fan of My Neighbour Totoro and Kiki's Delivery Service, this seemed like the most logical film to re-watch next. Besides the usual magic that Studio Ghibli works on all of their films this story brought for me into question public and personal perception as well as age being no barrier to adventure.Naturally I have favourite characters and ones that I dislike but also kinda like because they change how I view the world.
Sophie is not only the main character but also my favourite character because her determination once she has been cursed is completely inspiring. So what she is now quadruple her age?! Her ability to remain curious and adventurous despite the attitude of Howl and some of the other characters is somewhat impressive. Next up is Calcifer, no real reason except this little ball of fire is super cute and just a little bit sassy! 
The film is set in a fantasy version of World War One, and was made during the US invasion of Iraq, resulting in Hayao Miyazaki creating a strong anti-war message alongside all the other good morals placed in the film. Like you know: don't be greedy, don't abuse your magical powers, and all the others... 
Unsurprisingly I adored this film the second time round even more than I did the first. And as Sophie said:
"Well, a heart's a heavy burden."

 If you have never watched any Studio Ghibli this is a great film to start with, there is a moving castle powered by a talking fire demon, with a young wizard in training who gives himself a beard to answer the door, a love story and a dare I say it a hot animated male character named Howl. 

XO, Miriam  

Cobbled Backstreets

 //Jacket - Topshop//Jumper - Primark//Skirt - ASOS//Tights - TU//Boots - M&S//

I never thought I would be one for long skirts and the Chelsea boot but alas the moment has come that I am dressing to match the presence of the city I live in. Living in Oxford but not going to one of the colleges is weird because you can still act like a tourist when you roam the cobbled back streets surrounding Oxford University. (I study at Oxford Brookes just so you know). This deep green skirt reminds me of the ivy that used to grow around my garden back in Devon as well as that I definitely feel impeccably well dressed every time I wear it making it one of this winters staples for me! Alongside the usual culprits my moto jacket and suede Chelsea boots.

XO, Miriam 

Letters to Winter| One

Dear Winter,

November you took Autumn faster than I wanted you to. You have made my breath turns a hazy white, breathless from my evening run and the cold closing around my lungs. Winter you make it hard to live sometimes, wrapped in layer upon layer of knitwear and fumbling to unlock the front door with shivering hands. But it is as the moments when I have made no attempt to wear thermal sports wear when I feel the cold hit my bones that I feel most alive. One thing I regret about past winters is talking myself into disliking you Winter, but really I relish staying indoors with a cup of chai and a book (or magazine) escaping from the world and clinging hot red Starbucks mugs for dear life. I hope to enjoy the best of you this year Winter.

XO, Miriam

Letters to October| Three

Dear October,

You have gone now, you left quickly but not without giving me experiences I will remember (or not in some cases) for quite some time now. You gave us the end of Autumn, because your neighbour November will come and make the days shorter, leaving me in the dark more than the light. I will miss being able to leave the house without a scarf or only wearing two layers of clothing, but I will begin to don only knitwear and clutch at portable coffee cups to stay warm. October you are the last strands of summer before the frosty mornings cling to my lips and eyelashes.
Thank you October for your highs and your lows.

XO, Miriam

Campus Style| Pale Autumn

 // Jumper - H&M//Skort - Zara//Socks - ASOS//Boots - Timberland//

I dread the colder months and as winter begins to draw in I am taking every opportunity to keep wearing my summer staples, like this white skort. I was tempted to wear it with black and grey but resisted and went for an almost all white ensemble, breaking it up with the navy stripes on this cosy knit jumper. I chose to wear these cream knee high socks so they matched the tone of the jumper so the look wasn't too harsh. Too keep with the muted tones I slipped (read yanked) on these amazing Timberland boots that are going to rapidly become an autumn winter staple this year. 

As luck would have it I found a spot in the park near my campus where there was an equal amount of fallen leaves to the evergreen ivy where I could catch up on some reading before my English tutorial, especially considering this is the last of the autumn sun.

XO, Miriam

Letters to October | Two

Dear October,

The past week has been both incredibly busy and it also feels like I have done nothing with it. You greeted me with a severe cold and rainy days, but as the week has passed by I have listened to more Glee covers than I care to admit and smiled when you let the rain pause for a moment while I walked to the bus in the morning. I have attended events in other cities and finally found some motivation from your gloomy weather.

XO, Miriam

#BootTribe Blogger Event.

On Thursday evening I made my way to the city of Bath to attend a blogger event hosted by DUO Boots. When I arrived I was unsure as to what to expect, except of course other bloggers! When I arrived I was greeted by two other bloggers who's names I have forgotten (typical) and we entered the store where we were offered champagne. It had been approximately a year since I had been to a blogger event so I experienced the same feeling of awkwardness to start with but after a while I relaxed and got round to discussing shoes with all of the other bloggers.

Part of the event was being able to choose a pair of boots to be gifted by the company I chose these gorgeous Mena boots that make me feel like Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl strutting my stuff through the upper east side so naturally I cannot wait for them to arrive!

By far the best part of the event was being able to meet and talk to other bloggers, some of which I have met before and some that I haven't!

XO, Miriam

The Film Club | About Time

 About Time. 10/10
Over the weekend my boyfriend and I showed each other one of our favourite films each plus some others. This one of the others, my favourite rom-com by far but when we sat down to watch it not in the top ten of all films. Well now it is. I admit there are random story lines that never get picked up again and it is like 500 days of summer in that it is to most people a little bit rubbish. But remember the TIME TRAVEL, the weird Kate Moss thing and Uncle Desmond. 

"It was always going to be about love"

Now I don't cry at much and if I do not in front of people but this film made me openly weep multiple times, not because it was sad (well once because it was sad) but because the whole idea behind the story is that while yes he is going to use his time travel to help him along the way he use it for the happiness of others, usually causing himself problems in the process. It is a stunning film about the selflessness of people and gift that is love.

XO, Miriam

Letters to October | One

Dear October,

You are not the worst month of the year with the kind of cold that sinks into my bones, but you aren't my favourite month either with the warmth that touches my skin as soon as I leave the comfort of my house. I can still see the sun but you don't quite let me feel the warmth that I love so dearly. So on go the coats, the knitwear and my refusal to believe that I might need to bring an umbrella and a mug of tea with me every morning when I catch the bus to my lectures. But it was as I made my way back from yesterdays set of morning lectures and seminars through the scattered fallen leaves and cracks in the pavement; I realised that is spring is hope then autumn is promise.

XO, Miriam

Jumpers, Jeans and Journals.

I have reached that stage at in my first semester at university where my flat in halls has started to feel like home rather than a youth hostel, and I have made some great friends. But lets be honest we all have days where nothing seems to go your way and all you want to do is binge watch Gossip Girl and eat an entire pot of Ben and Jerry's ice cream. I didn't do that actually, I went to my lectures and ate lunch before then collapsing in my room, and doodling in my journal.The jumper I am wearing was an impulse buy from the other day from H&M, and I am so glad I bought it, there is nothing better than a comfy jumper on cold autumn afternoons, am I right?

XO, Miriam