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Fashion Week and Fur Protests

Sourced from PETA 

PETA has become renowned for their anti-fur protests at fashion weeks over the last couple of decades, from the disruption of Oscar de la Renta's fur show in 1991 to meetings with Calvin Klein in 1994, right up to this year's protests in London. For me at least there is no doubt about the effectiveness of PETA's fur protests, more and more designers are rejecting fur and other materials sourced from animals in favour of more ethical options, but there can be no doubt that these protest will continue until the abuse of animals to create clothing has stopped.

From @chloekoffman 

There definitely is a slower move to more ethical and environmentally friendly options by luxury brands because by nature they are slower to enact change due to long production times and small client bases. As well as this their products are generally not to be thrown away and are made to last. This definitely a case of waiting for designer brands to move towards a blending of ethics and environmentally conscious choices while maintaining the aesthetic that the brand represents.

I think this slow change is the reason that the PETA protests have become so prolific in recent years during fashion month (made up of fashion weeks in New York, London, Milan and Paris). It is during fashion month that these designers take the world stage and set the trends for the upcoming year, not only this but there is an incredible amount of press coverage and social media discussion about the events. Thus making the protest reach as many people as possible, and therefore more effective at creating change within the industry. These protests are not the only thing demanding change, even surveys conducted by the RSPCA in 2011 found that 95% of Brits wouldn't wear real fur, which begs the question why are fur and other animal materials still produced so openly?

Now personally I was never always against fur and other animal-based materials, I still own leather shoes from before I went vegan, I used to have a goose down duvet for most of my life. Fundamentally the reason I was never against all of these things was because I never questioned the way they were produced I allowed them to be disconnected from the violence and abuse that is required to create them. But the protests this year at London fashion week opened my eyes to something new, the detrimental environmental and heath effects of the production of real fur and leather etc. 

Please don't wear real fur or leather or any other material from an animal! Because if for no other reason no one wants to be like Cruella de Vil 

XO, Miriam 

P.S. Here are some resources that I used to inform this post and that have more info on other protests both physical and online: 

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The Book Club| The China Study

//The China Study// 2.5/5 //

Let start with this I wanted to love this book, I wanted to be educated further through scientific evidence about the benefits of a vegan diet, I wanted to have something to refer people to when I am asked questions about my lifestyle choice. Instead, I have conflicting views about this incredibly popular non-fiction book within the vegan community.

For me, the best thing about this book was the writing style, it allowed the scientific bits more accessible to someone who hasn't read a scientific report or review for 3 or so years. By allowing the science to be more accessible it made it possible for me to form my own views on the evidence presented and whether it could help in explaining my lifestyle choice, and in working out how I should eat as a vegan to remain healthy.

This for me is where the problems lie, I felt as though some of the information was being manipulated or not included in order for the authors to further their own viewpoints. While I believe this book was in part written for this reason it felt forced, everything seemed to add up in their favour which for me at least felt a little bit off. I have since read other reviews of the book and I'm not the only one who has felt this way, by no means am I trying to say that the evidence that the book puts forward is wrong or has been misinterpreted but it does leave out some possible counter-arguments which I believe should have been considered. Having said that I don't know all that much about science and the way it should be conveyed to the public.

My overall conclusion on this book is to dip in and out of it, and only read the sections that interest you and affect your life personally and will help you educate those around you about a plant based diet.

XO, Miriam

What I Eat In A Day #3| Vegan


So I have recently rediscovered cereal, nothing special I know but you can definitely blame on watching too much Bonny Rebecca and Steph (AKA HappyHealthy96) lately. I mixed several different types of cereal together firstly to bulk up my more expensive cereal and secondly to get a bunch of different textures. Today I mixed up cornflakes, puffed rice and strawberry granola. And of course I have to get my fruit in, in the morning so I topped it with passionfruit and blueberries as well as the normal chia seeds, cacao nibs and coconut. I ate this all with rice milk today, but I normally prefer almond milk in the morning because it is sweeter.


My flatmate and I made a small stir-fry using some leftover mix and bulked it out a bit using Thai rice crackers, and some veggie sausages. We used a pre-made sweet chilli sauce and I added some sriracha.  I don't eat that much for lunch because it doesn't normally suit my schedule very well, so I generally eat more in the mornings and the evenings. 


This photo isn't actually from today but basically had the same thing. I made a bean chilli using kidney beans, black beans and sweetcorn. The recipe I used is here... I ate it with potatoes baked with no oil or salt and some mixed salad with a lil' olive oil on. You may have noticed quite a lot of carbs in my diet which is just how I feel good, I mean don't get me wrong I love vegan ice cream and avocados but on most days eating a lot of starchy carbs is the most practical way for me to eat and to feel good. More on that in a later post. 

XO, Miriam 

A Toast to Knitwear

//Jumper - My flatmates//Jeans- Jack Wills//Glasses -Aluminium//

I was going back through my photos looking for a set of shots I took for a recipe post and while I couldn't find them I did find these random shots from when I went back to Devon back in March... But moving on from my useless blog organisation skills over the last 6 months. 

While I wore this outfit back in March it is perfect for the beginning of Autumn, this might be because I am a huge advocate of the oversized items of knitwear than can be dressed up or down. Knitwear for me is not optional, take this jumper for example dressed down here with old jeans, messy slept in hair and what I like to call my 70's specs. But add a pair of pumps in my case probably black, blacker than black skinny jeans ( can you see a theme forming yet?). Maybe a white button-down with the collar showing and my black framed glasses and you are ready for cocktails. 

So this is a toast to knitwear, for taking us from day to night effortlessly, for keeping us hella warm, and for making us look like we didn't roll out of bed and spill coffee before those 9am lectures. So thank you once again knitwear you are my saviour. 

XO, Miriam  

Vegan Bean Chilli

Since going vegan back in January there have been a few meals that I have missed, the main one being chilli as my mum always used to make with Quorn or I would have it with turkey mince when cooking for myself at uni last year. And because I can't even imagine eating meat anymore let alone believe the idea that it is 'healthy' I decided to make a less processed version using whole plant based foods and fresh ingredients that my body will thrive on.

1/2 cup of canned or soaked kidney beans
1/2 cup of canned or soaked black beans
1/4 cup pearl barley (optional)
1 small can of sweetcorn
2 cups of whole cherry tomatoes
1 can of canned tomatoes
1 tsp chilli powder
1 tsp cumin powder
2 pieces of dark chocolate
1 onion finely chopped
1 bell pepper
1 clove of garlic crushed


1. Heat a non-stick pan over a medium heat, and soften the onion and garlic in a small amount of water.

2. Add the bell pepper and the cherry tomatoes, allow to heat up for about 5mins.

3. Stir in the chilli powder and cumin powder.

4. Pop the now soft cherry tomatoes and stir in the beans and canned tomatoes.

5. Leave to simmer for about 5 minutes, then stir in the dark chocolate (I used dark chilli chocolate this time but it doesn't make much of a difference) and add salt and pepper to taste.

6. Turn down to a low heat and stir in the pearl barley if you are using any.

7. Allow to cook for about 30 mins on a low heat.

8. Serve with rice and tortillas or potatoes.

9. Eat.

I also add nutritional yeast and sriracha to mine because I add them to everything...

XO, Miriam

The Texts I Never Sent You

Forever out of focus.

have debated writing this post, so many times now, I have written it out and deleted it more times than I can count. So the thing is after someone very close to me left my life I kept going to talk to them, say things I know from experience I shouldn't so I started typing all the texts and wanted to send out on the notes section of my phone. This is the result of a couple of months of trying not to talk to someone I used to talk to every day.

10th March:

I miss you

Can I talk to you? 

I love you, I don't think I will ever stop


11th March: 

Good morning

I just want to cuddle with you and escape this life

I wish you were still someone I could talk to about everything, I don't have anyone like that anymore and that scares me

Come back? 

12th March: 

I missed your face this morning, I wanted to make breakfast with you and watch anime

I decided to get some professional help today, hope you are doing okay. 

Why?! God damn it why?! I can't do this, it's killing me, please talk to me, please come back 

17th March: 

This isn't okay, I should have fought and I know that I should've fought for you for us because God damn it I miss you. I would do anything to have you back right now, I know you won't take me but I need you. I love you. I really hope you remember that because I don't know how much longer I can do this. 


20th March: 

I think I lied the other night when we spoke on the phone. I'm not sure I will ask you to consider. Maybe, the only thing I know is I miss having a friend who would do anything for me, who would look after me at my worst and at my best. I miss being able to be there for you when you hit rock bottom or when you are on a high. So I guess thank you for all of that. 

7th April: 

How are you? 

18th April: 

I thought I was done grieving over what we lost, and looking forward to friendship and everything else. But I'm not sure I am, you're still always there in the back of my mind, you're the one I want to talk to if I feel down. I miss the way you used to hold me until I was okay again, the way we could talk for hours or feel comfortable not talking at all in the same room. A friend of ours asked me if I was over you if I was talking to anyone else yet if I was okay. My answers were yes, no, yes respectively. Every 'yes' was a lie. 

19th April: 

I miss talking to you.

21st April: 

Last night was strange and I want to tell you about it, it was one of this best nights I have had in a while. And everything in me is telling me what I did was wrong, that I am cheating on you by kissing someone else, but I look at the reality and I'm not. I probably shouldn't tell you this but I think I will be okay without you. So what if he wasn't my type... So what if he wasn't the best-looking guy there, it was the confidence boost I needed to prove that I can move on from needing to talk to you. And finally, I think I am over this grief. 

Thank you for teaching me that I am stronger than the loss of you, stronger than you want me to be, that I can do me without your validation of my actions. I'm sorry but I no longer think I'm in love with you. 

23rd April:

And what if I told you I lied. What if I told you I still love you. Would it change things?

24th April:

I miss you, I miss everything about us, and I hate this, I hate that we wanted different things from ourselves. There is nothing I can do but scream 'what if' after 'what if' from the top of my lungs into my unflinching pillow before I sleep at night. 

26th April: 

Today I saw your name light up my phone, and everything in me is willing me not to fucking ring you. Cause God damn it I wish it didn't hurt that you don't reply when I ask how you are, I wish I could forget everything that happened between us, and I wish I could hate you but I fucking can't.

Please pick up.

9th May: 

Thank you.

*disclaimer, texts have been edited to create this post, and some texts are missing due to the use of the person's name or reference to personal details I do not wish to discuss*