It Feels Like The Perfect Night...

It Feels Like The Perfect Night...

Half-Term. I love wearing all the things I don't feel like I could wear at college during the holidays. Today was a cross between preppy and hipster. I was inspired by Taylor Swifts song 22: "It feels like the perfect night to dress up like hipsters"
Behind me is the mural that I recently finished.

Simply wonderful...

I saw an image of someone else while I was flicking through numerous fashion blogs yesterday, and saw someone wearing a strapless dress over a white shirt in a pinafore dress kinda style. As the dress is from a typically american shop (Hollister) I thought I would wear it with a jacket that is also quite american to create a theme.

I feel the need to explain my title, I happened to hear this song earlier today and it has been stuck in my head ever since.

New found grace...

The title of my post is something I struggle with, today was easy enough, find a set of lyrics from a song on Taylor Swift's new album RED. The lyrics above are from Everything Has Change feat. Ed Sheeran. Their voices are perfect together.

On the subject of fashion, I thought I would wear something with a subtle amount of Red so as not to be too obvious. So naturally I wore a dress as a top with some bright statement jeans. Classy yet cute.



Taking inspiration from the fictional Spencer Hastings from the book and tv series Pretty Little Liars. Quite preppy as the Americans would say. The book is there as I finally finished the assigned english read so started The Perks of being a Wallflower. I also though it went rather well with the outfit.
Black V-neck Jumper - Debehanams
Shirt - Ralph Lauren Denim
Shorts - New Look
Book - Waterstones


Stars are what we wish upon
They give us comfort in now
They give us hope for the future
Yet stars trap us
We can’t see past them
We can’t see ourselves only others
Stars burn bright within us
If we only knoew what we could do with them
What our world would become
Stars are what make us
Stars are what cages us
And what set us free


Now I have had blogs before namely on tumblr. They never succeeded I just tended to forget about them. I am setting my self a challenge to post something every day for a year. Also as an IB student I will be counting this as some of my CAS.