Lets Talk.

So if you read my blog regularly then you will have noticed that I haven't posted in a while, this is partly due to travelling and no access to the internet as well as collecting my thoughts on what I want myself and with me this blog to become over the summer and in the future.

When I started blogging I saw it as a means to gain CAS hours for my course at college, but that slowly progressed into a way for me to document all of my creative efforts over the years as well as my outfits. However, being out of the media "loop" for 2 weeks has made me reconsider this, I would quite like to spend my summer finding out what it is I really love doing, because I am no longer sure. So I anticipate this small space on the internet to change as I find myself again after a month or so of heartbreak, exams and new experiences. I hope those of you have read for a while will come along for the journey as this is set to be one of the most interesting summers of my life so far.

XO, Miriam

P.S. What things do you think I should try this summer?

Hay Festival.

//Shirt - Zara//Cropped top - Topshop//Scarf - Zara//Skort - Zara// Tights - Joy//

My mum has a significant birthday coming up in august and she has always wanted to go the Hay Book Festival, so we booked tickets and went on a car journey to Wales. This was unlike any festival I have experienced before not only did I feel like I was extremely middle class and educated but my goodness it was so civilised. By that I mean everyone was super polite even when the carpeted walkways were crowded, yes you read that right carpeted walkways so you don't have to wear wellies and the books don't get wet in rainy wales.

As you can imagine I couldn't go to a book festival without being just a little bit preppy in my outfits, and I purchased several books of course one of which is signed, but I will write about the books in another entry (post). However I spent most of the day wrapped up in a hoodie and a rain coat due to the extremely wet weather that the UK was experiencing.

By far one of the best things besides the copious amounts of books was the talks, we attended 2 talks over the weekend but wished we had booked tickets for more, for mum we went to see Joan Bakewell talk about the importance of history and out education system, and then as a random talk we went to the BBC tent for a talk about how to break into the media specifically television and radio. Both talks were extremely interesting and anyone who takes the "mick" out of Mr. Gove is brilliant in my book.

A recreation of Dylan Thomas' writing desk

Hot chocolate and a bag of  books.

XO, Miriam