Strange things did happen here.

No stranger would it be.

//Coat - Jack Wills//T-shirt - Zara// Dress worn as skirt - H&M//Tights - Primark//Shoes - Converse//

As November draws to a close that layers have begun to increase slowly along with the number of pairs of tights I am washing per week. Fortunately this morning I had a bit more time on my hands to wear something other than my usual jeans and a tee combo like the majority of students (I couldn't go without my daily Converse though). This outfit has the advantage that not only am I warm due to the abundance of layers, but you still look put together thanks to the lace. I chose to spin a more grungy look today but I might experiment with a more vampy look when I wear this dress out at night.

XO, Miriam

P.S. If you haven't already listen to the The Hanging Tree from the Mockingjay Part 1 Score, it is hauntingly good.

Letters to Winter| Two

Dear Winter,

I have been busy I guess. But I found time to start writing a journal again the other day, I don't know what it is but I have started to write down all the random little things that make me happy or sad throughout the day. If you look at the all of the words on the page they seem so insignificant but is there any other way of recording how you feel at that moment? I have begun to draw again, if you can call it that making up little stories in my head about love and wanderlust.

Do they like me? How can you tell when to stop trying? How do you admit that you need help? He said I love you. Maybe we should go and see that film you were on about... Fast forward. "I love you too." I heard myself say back. Could it be true? This isn't the escape she thought it would be, she thought a new city would help. But you cannot run from the problems that live in your head.
- A collection of sentences that I wrote down together the other day, questions, memories and escape.

Hopefully next week will be better.

XO, Miriam 

The Film Club| Howls Moving Castle

Recently my friends at university have reintroduced me to the works of Studio Ghibli. Having been a fan of My Neighbour Totoro and Kiki's Delivery Service, this seemed like the most logical film to re-watch next. Besides the usual magic that Studio Ghibli works on all of their films this story brought for me into question public and personal perception as well as age being no barrier to adventure.Naturally I have favourite characters and ones that I dislike but also kinda like because they change how I view the world.
Sophie is not only the main character but also my favourite character because her determination once she has been cursed is completely inspiring. So what she is now quadruple her age?! Her ability to remain curious and adventurous despite the attitude of Howl and some of the other characters is somewhat impressive. Next up is Calcifer, no real reason except this little ball of fire is super cute and just a little bit sassy! 
The film is set in a fantasy version of World War One, and was made during the US invasion of Iraq, resulting in Hayao Miyazaki creating a strong anti-war message alongside all the other good morals placed in the film. Like you know: don't be greedy, don't abuse your magical powers, and all the others... 
Unsurprisingly I adored this film the second time round even more than I did the first. And as Sophie said:
"Well, a heart's a heavy burden."

 If you have never watched any Studio Ghibli this is a great film to start with, there is a moving castle powered by a talking fire demon, with a young wizard in training who gives himself a beard to answer the door, a love story and a dare I say it a hot animated male character named Howl. 

XO, Miriam  

Cobbled Backstreets

 //Jacket - Topshop//Jumper - Primark//Skirt - ASOS//Tights - TU//Boots - M&S//

I never thought I would be one for long skirts and the Chelsea boot but alas the moment has come that I am dressing to match the presence of the city I live in. Living in Oxford but not going to one of the colleges is weird because you can still act like a tourist when you roam the cobbled back streets surrounding Oxford University. (I study at Oxford Brookes just so you know). This deep green skirt reminds me of the ivy that used to grow around my garden back in Devon as well as that I definitely feel impeccably well dressed every time I wear it making it one of this winters staples for me! Alongside the usual culprits my moto jacket and suede Chelsea boots.

XO, Miriam 

Letters to Winter| One

Dear Winter,

November you took Autumn faster than I wanted you to. You have made my breath turns a hazy white, breathless from my evening run and the cold closing around my lungs. Winter you make it hard to live sometimes, wrapped in layer upon layer of knitwear and fumbling to unlock the front door with shivering hands. But it is as the moments when I have made no attempt to wear thermal sports wear when I feel the cold hit my bones that I feel most alive. One thing I regret about past winters is talking myself into disliking you Winter, but really I relish staying indoors with a cup of chai and a book (or magazine) escaping from the world and clinging hot red Starbucks mugs for dear life. I hope to enjoy the best of you this year Winter.

XO, Miriam

Letters to October| Three

Dear October,

You have gone now, you left quickly but not without giving me experiences I will remember (or not in some cases) for quite some time now. You gave us the end of Autumn, because your neighbour November will come and make the days shorter, leaving me in the dark more than the light. I will miss being able to leave the house without a scarf or only wearing two layers of clothing, but I will begin to don only knitwear and clutch at portable coffee cups to stay warm. October you are the last strands of summer before the frosty mornings cling to my lips and eyelashes.
Thank you October for your highs and your lows.

XO, Miriam