The Book Club| We Should All Be Feminists

This tiny little book is a modified version of a TEDx talk that Chimamanda Nigozi Adichie gave in 2012, which I watched having read the book. As I have mentioned previously (here) I am a feminist of sorts, but while we in 'The West' focus our efforts in creating a society which allows for equally pay and oppotunities regarding maternity and parternity leave and try to remove gender stereotypes; other countries are looking for women to be able to be something other than a housewife.

As many of you may know the dictionary definition of a feminist is:
A person who believes in the social, political and economic equality of the sexes.

As Adiche highlights this is a global cause not just one needed in the west, and that it is not just something for women to work towards it is for all genders.

"All of us, Women and Men, must do better" - Chimamanda Nigozi Adichie

XO, Miriam

P.S. Here is her TEDX talk:

Almost Monochrome.

//T-Shirt Dress - H&M//Skirt - Topshop//Leggings - H&M//Shoes - M&S//Necklace - Accessorize//

I find that during the colder months even when it isn't raining I turn to darker colours, in other words I wear black or nearly block everyday. So while the majority of this outfit is black, I chose to break it up with my velvet skirt, not only to add a touch of colour but to add texture and layers. I would normally wear a skirt that covers the end of the dress but today I hitched it up a notch on my waist to show off the stripes at the bottom as well.

This week has been quite relaxed for me, mainly because most of my university work at the moment is reading, which is something I could do everyday anyway. That and I know that the week coming up is going to be very hectic as I will be balancing blogging, university and attending Oxford Fashion Week. I am not attending all of the shows but it is still quite the commitment.

XO, Miriam

Minimalist Living.

Over the past few days I have been reading old posts from the blogs I have most recently followed, one of which is Into Mind, where I found this 30-Day Minimalism Challenge. I am acutely aware of how much time I spend doing things that make my life more stressful and more complicated (I am sure I am not the only one). So I figured I would try this challenge throughout the month of March to begin a journey towards simple and intentional living. I plan on giving a weekly update on how I got on with each of the tasks.

The idea is to complete one task each day not necessarily in order, to suit the day you have ahead, read the original post here.

XO, Miriam

Back to Classic.

 //Shirt - ASOS//Necklace - Unknown//Jeans - Hollister//Boots - DUO//

I am really looking forward to the next few weeks, I have a few exciting outfit shoots to do and I have finished a couple of books over the last week ready to review. But most importantly the weather is improving so I can wear my over the knee boots outside with out fear of a large puddle ruining the suede. This means I can go to university lectures feeling like Olivia Palermo even if all I am doing is reading novels and writing essays in the library. I enjoy going back to classic 'country estate' looks during this time of year as you can easily layer with the items and any jacket works on top of it. 

XO, Miriam

P.S. The boots were gifted to me by DUO.

The Book Club| The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy

//Don't forget your towel, you never know when you'll need it//

Over the past few weeks I have been working through Douglas Adams' The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy. The description on the front cover is as nonsensical as some of the things that happen within the pages of this book, but then again it started as a radio show, then a book, then a film then a book again, or something like that... Having watched the film I was familiar to the first of the five parts, but after that it became more interesting, especially as time travel and other means of traveling across space without using hyperspace bypasses.

The story mostly follows Arthur Dent but also follows the friends he picks up along the way, and their back stories. Although I personally could have done with a little more detail about Ford Prefect (he chose a car name whilst on Earth). One of my favourite things about the books are the references to British culture, the first being Arthur's need for an actual cup of tea whilst on board the Heart of Gold, and don't forget about the random pot of petunias which are mentioned more than one would think.

I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to enter a fantasy world within our reach. Kind of...

XO, Miriam

The Unplanned King Charles Gig.

About a week ago at 1am my friend texted me to ask if I wanted to go Reading the next day to see King Charles. Naturally I said yes, so after uni I dropped off my stuff and got on a train, well missed a train then got on the next one... It would appear that my early morning decisions are the best ones. The gig was incredibly intimate and one of my ears was a little deaf the next day (standing at the front problems). It almost tops Imagine Dragons as my favourite gig of all time, almost I cannot get enough of those guys. Charles came across very calm onstage if not a little tipsy by the end, but it all just added to the atmosphere. If you ever get the chance to see this guy live do, he is a wonderful performer and gerneral human being, as are the band.

XO, Miriam

Losing your attention.

//Striped Top - Zara//Black Vest - New Look//Plaid Print Skirt - ASOS//Tights - TU//

So today I ventured into the wonderful world of trying to shoot indoors, needless to say my editing skills are not quite up to scratch for this kind of situation. But I actually quite enjoyed the process of creating light and as much space as possible in the photos, I will not be doing this again anytime soon mind you. I having been wearing this skirt a lot recently be it on nights out or just to the lecture hall, it is so easy to layer with and looks great peeking out of my cream trench coat. And you know me I love anything that is high-waisted let alone can be worn with any top. 

XO, Miriam

The Book Club| The Edge Chronicles: Into the Deepwoods

I was recommended this book by J, he read 'The Edge Chronicles' when he was younger and as he spoke about the books in the same way I talk about Harry Potter I gave the first book in the Twig trilogy a try (the chronicles are set out in trilogies about certain characters). The book was an easy read but that is probably due it being a children's book, but it was the illustrations that got me into it. Each of the creatures was brought to life in my mind through the drawings and the descriptions of the characters that are perfectly woven together. My favourite creature that Twig encounters in this book was the Banderbear which by looks and description sounds horrifying but is actually one of the least selfish and most harmless characters in the story. As it turns out some of the cutest animals are the more dangerous and brutal but you will have to read the book to find out who they are.

XO, Miriam

P.S. This was a short one I know but the book was almost as short.

My Five Favourite Disney Films.

Due to the lighting being terrible today I decided to share with you my favourite Disney films, I love all Disney but I just like these one a little bit more than the rest, no the Lion King is not on this list. These are in no particular order because by ultimate favourite changes depending on my mood.

Treasure Planet:

I watched this for the first time last week and it is unbelievably good, the attention to detail used to draw the galaxy, let alone the ship, and the characters was amazing given it was released in 2002. Having read the book treasure island I like the alternative take on the story and how the treasure is hidden within a planet.

Alice in Wonderland:

I adore both of Disney's versions of Lewis Carroll's 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' but the original animation is the one I watched as a child and truer to the original tale. I mean have you seen how cute the animation is, it picks up on the childlike nature in the story rather than the darker tales and ideas within Wonderland. If you have been following this blog for a while you will know that I adore the book so this was an obvious choice on my top five.

Brother Bear:

A lot of people I know I have never seen this film, but I feel like everybody should it undeniably the cutest Disney film and sends a great message to people that everybody is good at something and the actions have consequences even if they don't affect you. The small little bear you see on the left is both the cutest and most irritating character so don't say I didn't warn you.

Big Hero 6:

I went to see this over the weekend and boy was it worth it, a great story about getting over grief and forgiveness but if I am honest the real reason I love it is, BayMax, a huge marshmallow robot who can care for you and kick some serious butt when needed.


Yup I could leave out The Lion King but not Tangled, it is so cute and whoever thought of frying pans as weapons was a genius. Cute, and a slightly different take on the original story Tangled is a film I will continue to watch over and over again.

What are you favourite Disney Films?

XO, Miriam