I Say It's Up To Fate

//Shirt - Zara//Jeans - Hollister//Shoes - Converse//

As I have mentioned several times over the last few months I have been working towards a smaller wardrobe within which I will prioritise buying what I see to be key pieces that are good quality and come from brands that share similar views in respect to style as me. I am also aware that over time my key pieces will change depending on my circumstances and where I live but for now this outfit contains two of my key pieces.

The first key piece is this pair of jeans, unlike my ripped jeans they can be worn dressed up or down, with dark and light colours and don't require me to wear tights underneath in the colder months. Now while Hollister don't exactly create clothes that are always to my taste I have never had a problem with their jeans. The cost per wear is really low especially for me as I wear jeans pretty much everyday of the year...

The other key piece is the pair of black converse. They are inconspicuous, unassuming and a little bit boring but I honestly don't know what I would do without these shoes I wear them far too often which is probably why my shoe collection is actually quite small compared to a lot of my friends... I wear these to uni, walking, occasionally to workout, on nights out, you name it I probably have worn them there. There is definitely a reason why Converse All Stars have such a great reputation, their shoes take a lot of wear and tear before they show any signs of it. And as for the shirt, I wouldn't call it a key piece but I would say it was a timeless piece given that I cannot remember a time when a striped shirt wasn't considered to make an outfit more put together.

XO, Miriam

The Book Club| The Edge Chronicles

The Edge Chronicles: Stormchaser and Midnight Over Sanctaphrax by Stewart and Riddell - 4/5

So way back in February J gave me one of his childhood books to read 'The Edge Chronicles: Into the Deepwoods' which I reviewed here. Since then he has given me the rest of the original trilogy otherwise known as the Twig Saga. It is safe to say I definitely preferred these two books to the first one, there is a lot more action and the story flows easier through all of the twists and turns. Stewart and Riddell are a author and illustrator team that have the ability to change your opinion of a character in a few words. As will the last book these depict the life of Twig a boy who strayed from the path to discover a new world in which he belongs, but also one in which he finds himself in a considerable amount of danger most of the time. While these are 'middle grade' books I couldn't put them down the characters are so in-depth that you grow to see and think like them when ever the omniscient narrator allows you into their thoughts and motives.

As they are written for a younger audience I found the language occasionally simple but that is to be expected. As well as this they touch on some harder topics e.g. Slavery in a manner that was shocking enough to engage the audience but not enough to scare the intended readership which I found both clever and frustrating. There are many themes brought up in these books along with morals that are proved to be right not just stated. Overall I loved these books I would definitely read them again for a quick easy read that has plenty enough story to stand alone in each trilogy. Having said that I doubt I will read the other trilogies that are based on The Edge.

XO, Miriam

The Importance of my Breakfast

i never used to eat breakfast, I would always favour that extra 10 minutes in bed over making food in the morning and if I did eat breakfast it would be on of those Corner Yogurts. But since I have been at university I have realised the importance of not only eating breakfast but making sure it is healthy as well. After having attended one too many 3hr lecture on an empty stomach I realised that I cannot run on coffee alone as much as I would like too. Over the course of the past few months I have been experimenting with different breakfasts both sweet and savoury.

Above: Granola, Almond Milk, Banana and Cinnamon
Below: Coconut Yogurt, Mango and Kiwi

There are still days when I skip breakfast because my body doesn't feel right or I slept through my first 5 alarms, but I can now definitely say that breakfast is far becoming one of my favourite meals, that or brunch I can never quite decide, mainly because the food is so much lighter at that time of day. And I cannot afford to eat my favourite fruits for every meal. To me the key to breakfast is not making it compulsory for myself but making it important enough to be able to listen to my body in the early hours of the morning and find the appropriate food.

xo, Miriam

Life Lately.

I wouldn't say I have taken a break from my blog as it has only been four days or so but to me who writes and thinks of new content every day most of the time I find it hard when I have nothing there creatively. Now is one of those time where life has caught me up in a whirlwind of to-do lists, social engagements and the need to go to sleep early. I stop blogging when it becomes another task I need to fit into my day when other things within my life are more important, and that's okay. I can always come back to blogging it is for me at least a hobby, my lifestyle does not depend on it being constant.

Life lately has been exciting, busy and I cannot remember the last time I stopped to journal it must have been at least a month or at least that is how it feels.I am surprised at how much writing has become a part of me, those silly thoughts that I jot down on the pages of notebook, the doodles and sketches that make sense to me alone. Writing helps me in the same way talking to a close friend does to others, it helps me refresh my brain and remove all the worry so I can prioritise what I need to do to improve myself and my life over the next day or so. That is until I pour more thoughts into pages.

xo, miriam

The Book Club| Fashion Journalism

Fashion Journalism by Julie Bradford - 3/5

So while I was searching for a couple of textbooks in my university library I stumbled across this little gem of non-fiction, and looking through the contents and the introduction I decided it might be interesting to read. For those of you who don't know I study Publishing Media as well as Literature so no only will this book be really good to refer to later on in my course but it also had some great advice about blogging and how to get into the industry to begin with.

This book is set out in chapters that as far as I can tell are set up in report form which makes them really easy to read. For example if you see the a subtitle about a topic you don't need to know about you can skip to the next one with out starting to read about it. I personally read the majority of topics unless I had already covered them in class. This book is definitely an eye opener into the word of Fashion Journalism, and there are plenty of extra reading lists at the end of each chapter if you want to know more which I found really useful and am going to make use of before I leave for the summer.

xo, miriam

Layering for Spring.

 //Shirt - Vintage Sale//Dress - Mango//Jeans - Hollister//Shoes - Converse//

I don't know what it is about spring but I can never get my outfit right for the weather, which is why I have been experimenting with layering and different fabrics and items of clothing. I have never really worn a dress over my jeans or any other trousers for that matter, but I think this tunic dress works really well for that. And yes I am wearing florals for spring, which is just so groundbreaking...I eventually settled on this vintage army shirt to keep the outfit neutral and not to busy, but also to keep my warm in the shade. 

xo, Miriam

Cooking for others.

Veggie Burritos and Oh Comely Magazine

Oh Comely Magazine

I recently read an article in Oh Comely Magazine about how cooking for others can be a selfish act rather than a selfless one. As I read through the different scenarios, I began to understand why. When I cook for others I am looking for their approval of my efforts, I am cooking so I don't have to do the washing up, I am cooking so I can eat the food I enjoy most. This is odd isn't it, that I need someones approval for how I have cooked a meal, and that you can sometimes feel the need to apologise for not doing well enough. I enjoy average meals, the meals you eat week in week out, the pasta with the sauce from the jar and whatever cheese you may or may not have in the fridge.

There are times when you see people on social media showing off the brunch they made for them and their friend, but to me brunch is breakfast but a bit later I mean come on it doesn't have to look pretty. I am guilty of posting pictures of my breakfast or smoothies on Instagram (@englishmademoiselle) and thinking about it that is a form of cooking for others, you want approval from people you have never met. The concept is a strange one, how cooking for other people can become more about your own well-being than theirs, especially when you cook for others on a regular basis.

xo, miriam

The Book Club| Eldest

"Live in the present, remember the past, and fear the future, for it doesn't exist and it never shall. There is only now." 

Eldest - 3/5

I cannot believe it has taken me two years to get around to reading the second book in the Inheritance Cycle. The book begins with Eragon and Saphria traveling to Ellesmera to complete their dragon rider training amongst the elves. But while they try to fit decades of training in to mere weeks and months, we learn about Eragon 's cousin Roran as he attempts to protect the mountain community from the Empire. While I found the book enjoyable to read but is pales in comparison to other fantasy novels. Having said that the book was an easy read, and a great sequel to the first book.

"Life is both pain and pleasure. If this is the price you must for the hours you enjoy, is it too much?"

By far my favourite characters are Arya and Saphria, they are more than happy to put Eragon in his place, which needs to happen often enough for it to create two brilliant - dare I say - sassy characters. Well sort of. I am not sure whether I will bother with the next books as it was not compelling enough to make me want to read it over other books on my reading list.

xo, miriam

love is a polaroid

better in picture. 

//Moto Jacket - Topshop//Kimono - ASOS//T-Shirt - Zara//Jeans - Hollister//Shoes - Converse//

I am so glad the days are getting warmer now, it is finally okay to wear between 2 and 3 layers, and no coat! I have been waiting to wear this kimono again for the last few weeks but it isn't quite warm enough to wear it with out an extra layer. So after trying out a few different combinations I settled on wearing it with my moto jacket to add a bit of toughness along with my staple ripped skinny jeans.

I have enjoyed being home over the Easter break, being able to spend time with friends from university and from home, as well as seeing my family and my dog. But I also want to get back to Oxford and finish my first year at Brookes.

 xo, miriam

30 Day Minimalism Challenge| Week 4

The last week of the challenge involved another clear out, leaving black spaces in my life, and creating routines. Having become used to the purging of material things I found that clearing out my equivalent of a junk drawer easier than clearing out with my cosmetics or wardrobe, as I have become more discerning in what I need rather than what I want. Some of the other challenges required switching off my online life, which coincided with me visiting my friend in Dorset where there is no mobile signal, and I didn't feel the need to check my social media platforms all the time. I personally think that this challenge has taught me to appreciate the world around me as well as experience the virtual world in moderation. The challenge I struggled with most has to be the letting go of a goal, because I am still finalising my goals for the next few months.

The 30 days as a whole have taught me a lot about myself and what it is that I want  and what it is that I need. The only way in which I would say this challenge didn't suit me is that a large part of the challenge I completed whilst at university halls, so I a now repeating a lot of the clearing out back at home. On the whole I would say I enjoyed this experience and would recommend it to all of you, even if you just clear out your material possessions and not complete the other challenges.

xo, miriam

P.S. Happy Easter

living between blurred lines

Since September last year I have been living in between the places and people I call home, I move around a lot, train journeys and rucksacks have become routine. Why then am I still restless? I spend days planning imaginary holidays to places beyond the borders of the country I am in. The desire to be able to explore places so far unknown to me is becoming stronger, and yet I have allowed myself to become comfortable with the blurred lines that I live between.

I live between three different homes really, my university town of historical wonder, the green field of my family home, and the salty air of J's university city. The life I live has become fluid and adaptable to moving around, never staying in one place longer than a month at a time. Yes there are times when life becomes tightly packed between traveling and the seemingly constant journey I am on, but there also times when that is what I crave to have plans made to go to somewhere new, beyond the blurred lines that I live between, and create something concrete to live by. Today is one of those days, where time is spent finding new places to love and enjoy for a few hours before returning to slowly typed letters on a keyboard. Thoughts and the motions my hands perform move quietly together through the time I allow myself to share my life between blurred lines to others.

xo, miriam