#OOTD: Street stalls on The Seine


Wondering the streets of Paris!


We found so many of these street stalls on the banks of the Seine, between, the Musée d'Orsay and Notre-dam, I didn't buy anything, but they made for some cute photos.




My sister and I, outside Notre-dam, which I think looks worse now there are viewing steps...

What I wore:

T-shirt - Hollister

Skirt - New look

Bag - Local county show

Shoes - Converse All Stars

xoxo Miriam

The BBC Proms

The BBC Proms

A little diary post today, on Sunday the 18th of this month I went to the BBC Proms in The Albert Hall for the first time, which I suppose means I have lost my Proms virginity....

Anyway I saw, the Scottish Symphony Orchestra perform:
Rapsodie espagnole - Ravel
Chute d' - Matthias Pintscher (being Mr. Multi-talented, he was also the conductor for the night.)

Then they played Stravinsky's The Firebird, taken from the forenamed ballet, which is just as hypnotizing even on a television screen. You could tell what was happening in the story just by a change from minor to major chords or sad to happy chords as I like to call them.

The experience was enchanting, and I really want to go back next year to more of them! Overall it was one of the best things I have done this year.
I suggest that everyone who ever gets the opportunity to go to the proms takes it, they will change your idea of classical music!

xoxo Miriam

Not a great picture I know...

Dans la France: Paris

So I have been back in the country for just over a week now, and I only just got around to putting my holiday snaps on to my laptop, so I thought I would share a few with you. So have been left out for future #OOTD posts:

DSCF5600 DSCF5604 DSCF5634  DSCF5713 DSCF5715 DSCF5720 DSCF5726 DSCF5747 DSCF5751 DSCF5756


xoxo Miriam


The musings of a slightly hung-over teenager, who's emotions consist of nothingness and an overwhelming fuzzy feeling that started about 2 hours ago and is keeping her awake. This teenager would also happen to be me.

"Sleep falls,
Blanketing the world.

Before the blackness descends,
And subconscious dreams light the way.

The twisting Labyrinth.
Dawn for an exit,
Not always found."

xoxo Miriam

The Pinafore.

ImageThe summer holidays have been a great chance to catch up on all the sewing projects I couldn't find time for during college and the other shorter breaks. I made this pinafore dress with the hope that it can be worn in any season, plus or minus a few layers of clothing depending on the heat. I used a black cotton with small white stars and dots on it, to avoid plain black, which would have been too close to my old school uniform for anyone's liking. I encountered one major problem, being the buttonholes and buttons my sewing machine doesn't sew these for you, so they were hand sewn and not brilliantly either. But overall I was happy with design and make of this piece, as it is the first item I have made using a pattern I made myself. ImageI hope to do a How To Wear series soon, so this will feature then, but for now I am just wearing is with a plain black bustier to show off the item.Image


As much as I had hoped to make this a DIY post, take picture while sewing is time consuming, so therefore I didn't do that... However I might make one in the near future as I am making another one for a friend.  I spent approximately 5 hours on it, 5 hours I should have probably been studying but lets be honest here dressmaking/sewing is far more fun than making notes from textbooks! I am in Paris for the next 5 days so there will be a few queued posts if technology does as I wish it to.

See you on the other side possibly with a bit more french speaking ability we will see...

xoxo Miriam

The Book Club: The Apartment

The Book Club: The Apartment

Rating: 7.5/10

A man walks across and old European capital. Heavy snow falls. He has come from far away, hoping to forget. In the company of a new friend and alive to the new experiences of the city, he moves through the snow and his complicated history in search of an apartment.

My views:
This is both one of the best and strangest books I have read in quite sometime. I am quite a fast reader but this took me almost 2 weeks to get through, it challenged me more that I thought it would, asking questions about politics and my personal views on if you can truly be anonymous anywhere that you live. The only character I feel like talking about is Saskia which is the anonymous American's friend (aka the main character). She is both relatable and so far off from everything you know all in one, obsessed with art and a good social life, yet she is the one that raised all of the philosophical questions and political issues that rotate around the US. Oh and this book has no chapters none at all as far as I can tell it is just a stream of consciousness...
Basically what I am saying is if you lie your morals, politics and opinions being tested by a book read this.

xoxo Miriam