Maybe I pulled the Panic Cord.

 So I am going through the post sales, Lets Wear All The New Things stage, hence the number one fashion blogger item the Zara skort (Am I a REAL fashion blogger now?). I bought mine in white because I don't own enough white things and it is a base colour to build outfits with, oh and the only other colour available was orange and well, I wouldn't even know how to wear such a item.
I have somehow managed to make myself look like a life size cardboard cut-out.. I like it.
Trying to remember french vocab on Memrise... I do love having January mocks.
 Guys there was a butterfly in my room, and I just got so excited at one point it was sat on my Buddhist prayer flags and it was the most beautiful thing. I guess you could say I like butterflies.
 My magazine collection 2013 well part of it..
Paris skyline tights and chipped nails.

xoxo Miriam

P.S. Have you been sales shopping yet?

2013 Round-Up

I think looking back at all the amazing things that happen in your year is good for you, you can see where you are going and what you want to do more or less of in the next year. So 2013 was my first full year of blogging, and what a year it has been. It might just be me but 2013 has gone really fast, that or I have been very busy so I haven't noticed the time passing under my nose. Let's finish the intro here and get into it:

The Highlights: It snowed, I love snow... I can't really remember January, this is off to a great start..

Highlights: February was interesting to say the least, I watch season 1 - season 6 of Gossip Girl, did 2 posts on it and went to The Upload Tour, which was amazing, and we met all the acts afterwards. I also lived in my Mum's jumper. I also went to Paris with college!


The Highlights: The sun arrived enough to perk up the mood following a very cold February (how British of me, I can only remember the weather). I went to River Cottage, and a fashion exhibition at Killerton House and Gardens. I painted my nails with daisies and wore my LBD.


The Highlights: I visited my friend Ellie in York, ate far too many croissants, and revised maths until my head broke.


The Highlights: Tatiana guest posted on my blog, I went to a masquerade party, and read lots of books, and started "The Book Club" series, which is very on and off at the moment which is a shame really.

The Highlights: It was my birthday! I made white chocolate and pistachio ice cream, ate more ice cream and wore pastel colours.

The Highlights: I made a skirt for Ellie, and a summer pudding, I think that was it. And the Summer holidays started.

The Highlights: I went to Paris again, but this time with my family. If you hadn't already guessed I love Paris, we stayed with some friend in St. Germain and saw my Godfather who lives a few rues away from the Tour de Eiffel with his adorable daughter and beautiful wife. I made a pinafore playsuit, and wore a pencil skirt.

The Highlights: I went back to college for my last year, before university! I made far too many hair bows, and I featured my sister in my blog.

The Highlights: It was my sisters birthday, it was Halloween and I had a half-term break. October is always a bad month for me, it just drags on and on and on for some reason..

The Highlights: I moved blogging platforms, recreated a Isabel Marant design, remembered those lost in war, watched Catching Fire and dressed like Katniss, smelt the roses and visited Bath with friends. I also completed all my Christmas shopping...

The Highlights: December has been amazing this year. My boyfriend added the elephant bracelet to my wrist, I wore a bow tie in honor of Matt Smith as the Doctor. I saw Imagine Dragons, I baked brownies and I met a whole load of perfect bloggers at the #BathXmasMeet.

I hope January brings more amazing things and hopefully I will make it in to University.

xoxo Miriam

P.S. What was your 2013 like?

It's getting dimpsy outside.

I mis-matched day for me. Began with sleepy breakfast eating and room tidying, oh I mustn't forget the dreaded revision for January mocks... However what started out as a somewhat drab day finished at a bowling alley with one of my best friends, even if we had McDonalds afterwards. Having been bowling I really want to go back and do a shoot with a 50's theme with a friend and fellow blogger, not telling who just yet! Anyway here are some random shots of my outfit taken as the evening became dimpsy (just after twilight).

xoxo Miriam

P.S. Did you know I have instagram? @englishmademoiselle

My Fitness Routine.

Although I am not the fittest or have a Victoria's Secret Model's body I do actually enjoy exercise and keeping fit and healthy, shocking I know. Now since leaving secondary school and moving on to sixth form college I have had to develop my own fitness routine due to a lack of P.E. Yes I do miss that at times horrific lesson...

So to begin with I didn't use the lifts at college, trust me this works for me the tower building is 9 floors high! But this year I am normally too tired to even attempt 7 flights of stairs to biology first thing on a Tuesday morning.

So I found Blogilates a Youtube channel created by Cassey Ho

^One of my favourite workouts!!!
Now you are wondering how can a YouTube video make you fitter, this girl is amazing she keeps you motivates thoughout her videos. As well as this she releases monthly workout calenders which combine her workouts to create a good workout. And believe me no matter how much you do her workouts you will be sweating buckets by the end!

Now in order to cool down after some serious cardio, and strength training with Cassey you will want to streach, no?
Yes! Yet another YouTube channel, and a free version of sometimes expensive yoga classes Adriene  is the perfect cup of tea, even after a huge lunch.

I guess you are wondering if I ever leave the house to workout, and the answer is yes, when I can I swim for an hour or two to help my stamina. And during the summer I cycle to and from the train station where I get the train to college.

xoxo Miriam

P.S. If you would like to see more posts about my health and fitness comment below please, thank you in advance. 

Bow Ties are Cool.

If you did already know I am a massive fan of Doctor Who and bow ties! So when my boyfriend offered to teach me how to tie his I jumped at the chance, little did I know it was a red satin one, not too dissimilar to the 12th Doctors own tie *fangirls of the Christmas episode tomorrow *. So anyway I have "borrowed" the bow tie in order show the ladies that they aren't just for me and they are definitely COOL.

So if you are wearing a bow tie you need a shirt pronto or the whole things doesn't work, and after that well just play around!

Outfit Idea 1:
I kept this quite casual, perfect for going to the cinema or staying in with friends and family. (#OOTD today!)

Glittery eyes...

Outfit Idea 2:
Combining this years summer fashion trends, with my own style and designs obviously there is no other way tot wear a bow tie ;) Moving on, I would wear this to a date night, or to a meal out with friends at a cute new place one of us has found.

Outfit Idea 3:
A little bit school uniform, the skirt matches the bow tie for crying out loud, but before you criticise this I love it, I really like matching small accessories to statement pieces to tie an outfit together. I would wear this to school/college with brogues or Chelsea boots, some thigh high socks and of course some red lippy!

xoxo Miriam

P.S. I have been listening to the Arctic Monkeys and One Republic all day and I just can't handle how good they are any more...

#OOTD| Tees and Jeans

Well hello there! So yesterday my family and I went to my grandparents for the day for a pre-christmas celebration, or sorts. Now the majority of the outfits I post on here are not what I wear all that time, god I wish I could come up with amazing outfits everyday, but 6am outfit ideas generally lead to jeans and t-shirt combos.So I suppose this represents what I wear everyday.
My sister, trying not to pose...
Thank you to my sister for being a model!
Cardi - Urban Outfitters, Tee - French flea market, Jeans - Primark
Lordy what happened to my face? Oh well. Hang on wait when did I get so slim, urrmmm I am so confused.
Tee - Imagine Dragons merch, Jeans- Hollister

xoxo Miriam

P.S. Please tell me I am not the only one who lives in jeans?

In The Bleak Mid-Winter

Not my normal kind of post, but I on the way home from my Nana's house we encountered some amazing cloud formations. Mum even said they look like something out of Harry Potter, Voldermort esque if you will. They captured my imagination and drew me into a wistful dream for the rest of the journey home.
 xoxo Miriam

The Christmas Cracker TAG

I got tagged by the wonderful Lauren over at The Emerald Dove, and as this is my first TAG post I thought a Christmas themed one couldn't go to wrong.
 One: What’s on your Christmas list?
I did a Christmas Wishlist a week or so ago here. But I have developed a longer list outside of my official list list (ready to give ideas to the clueless relative), first and foremost IT by Alexa Chung, because I have a teeny obsession with her wardrobe, I don't have a series based on this lined up at all ;)

Two: What’s on your Christmas Day agenda?
Eat. Sleep. Rave. Repeat. I joke, we normally get up really early (ewww mornings) open up some presents, ring family members in other countries before lunchon. Following eating too much we walk our dog, mainly because he gets annoying if we don't and it makes us feel better. Finally we open remaining presents and watch all the Christmas Specials, *cough* Doctor Who *Cough* Cough*
Three: How much Christmas shopping have you done?
All of it. 
Four: What’s been your biggest ever surprise gift?
I wish I could say I remember but I really can't... the last surprise gift I recieved was for my 16th birthday in June to go on holiday with my friend to Portugal, not Christmasy I know but it's all I got...
(that was awful English I am ever so sorry)

Five: When do you usually put up your Christmas tree?
The first weekend the whole family is around, and this normally coincides with the yearly Christmas showing of The Mummy Returns, it didn't this year. BOO! 
Six: Do you have a special outfit planned for Christmas Day?
Not really, I don't really dress up for Christmas, I allow food baby room so to speak... hehe. It means I can have that extra mince pie and my clothes won't dig in. But maybe I will this year who knows!
Seven: Do you have any plans for Boxing Day?
Sleep. Eat all the Christmas chocolate I can find, then sleep some more...

Eight: When did you stop believing in Father Christmas?
At the age of 11, when my mum broke the awful news that the tooth fairy didn't exist just after having had 4 of my teeth taken out, so naturally I asked about Father Christmas and surprise surprise he turned out to be make believe :( I still got to pretend for a few years until my sister was older!
Nine: What’s your favourite Christmas scent? (Candle/Perfume)
 Anything with gingerbread, or cinnamon in it, so lets just say I like the smell of Christmas baking above all else, that and my mother's signature sent Chanel N0.5. *sings These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things loudly*

Ten: What do you love most about Christmas?
Hmmm this is difficult, but I would have to say the way that everyone comes together even people of different religions seem happier at this time of year, or my perceptions of people is more forgiving. I also love seeing most of my family and seeing all the friend I don't have time to see during term time!
xoxo Miriam 
P.S. Comment down below your favourite things about the Christmas season, or winter if you don't celebrate the Christian Festival. 


So I have decided I want to update you all on my life and how I want to improve my blog over the next few months. Now I am not one for new years resolutions, I tried and failed at them this year, so I have decided I ought to set smaller more achievable goals throughout the year.But before I get into that I should probably warn you that the first 6 months of next year are going to be super hectic for me, due to exams, a holiday in June and so many coursework deadlines that I am afraid to even look at the list anymore.

So my life as of late, has been full of cultural experiences and IB work, as you all know I went to Imagine Dragons last Friday and it was just the absolute best, link to the post here. But before that I went to a live screening of the Royal Ballet's The Nutcracker, and you have no idea how much love I have for this show, it is by far the most beautiful thing I have seen on stage since I saw Swan Lake earlier in the year except with this show, I spent the entire time lusting over the costumes... *make plans to sew some inspired dresses*

With school work I suppose you could say it is getting stressful, I have had 2 oral exams over the last week, I have 4 deadline for the end of this week, all of my projects are started just not finished... some are in 2nd and 3rd drafts so it's not like I left it to the last minute... oopps

And the bit you have all been waiting for my BLOGGING GOALS!

Number 1:  Spend more time getting the correct lighting, and wait to do photos another day when the quality would be much better. So basically I want to spend more time on getting really great photos and possibly videos..

Number 2: Refine my niche. I feel like I am still standing between three places, fashion, books and baking and I want to work out how I can make it work better or at least create better timetable so to speak to make it flow.

Number 3: I want to meet more bloggers, and become more involved in the blogging community, which I am finding hard to do, because I get caught up doing school work or reading etc 

Number 4: My final goal is to get sewing and then show you what I have made, because you never know I might inspire you to do the same.

xoxo Miriam

P.S. If you have anymore suggestions comment below.

Imagine Dragons

Well is was postponed and was last night, and it was the best night this year.

Tiptoe Higher.

Lift your feet off the ground and feel the music go straight to your heart, listen as your heartbeat changes and everyone in the room becomes friends for and hour or so because the music has the same effect. Scream the lyrics as loud as you can because you can and no one will judge you, jump up and down, dance, and sway. Let the music change you. Spend the entire night on tiptoes because you are stood behind the worlds tallest human being, but most of all smile. Imagine Dragons were amazing last night, and all I want is to be right there forever, because in that moment I felt infinite and it was the happiest I have been this year. Music is more powerful than anything else at bringing people together well said Dan, Ben, Wayne, Daniel and Wolfman.

xoxo Miriam

P.S. I love the fact that the pictures are blurred the lights are bright and the music was so damn good I don't care.

#OOTD | Unlimited by JK
You have no idea how excited I was when I discovered these tights, the little buildings make up the Paris skyline, on the back of my legs was the Arc de Triumph and the Tour de Eiffel. photos were taken outside the Bath Fashion Museum last Saturday at the #BathXmasMeet by the wonderful Joseph Kent or JK for short. These are the photos that didn't make it on to his street style blog Unlimited by JK.

Skirt and Jacket - Topshop
Shirt - generic school shirt 
Jumper - Primark
 Tights - Joy
Shoes - Converse

xoxo Miriam 

P.S. One of my fave youtubers has done a Christmas Song mash-up and I love it:

Christmas Playlist!

I have recently after 17 years discovered a love for Christmas music.. Mann did that take a while. I must thank all the YouTubers that use it on their videos, you are the reason I have discovered the non cheesy side to this holiday music. And then there are the John Lewis and Marks & Spencer ads, and if you don't love these you either don't live in the UK or I don't know...

Shake Up Christmas by Train

Winter Moon by Mindy Gledhill

Christmas at Hogwarts from Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone

This isn't the version I own, but listen through the weird section it gets better I promise

Somewhere Only We Know by Lily Allen

And finally because Chris Moyles played it for the whole of his last Christmas on Radio 1  and it is so bad I can't help but love it:

xoxo Miriam

P.S. Mindy Gledhill has a whole Christmas Album and it is beautiful to listen to on long winter walks in the countryside! 

The Book Club: The Devils Wears Prada


I read this during the summer holidays, and on reflection have decided to review it not because it was amazing but for should I say other reasons. But before I get started, the job that Andy has in the books is exactly the one I would love to have one day so she irritates me right from the beginning in both the book and film.

Now I must confess I watched the film before I read the book, and I am glad I did. I had heard so many great reviews of this book and I genuinely thought it would live up to them, however this book just did nothing for me. I hate saying that I don't like books and that people shouldn't read them, but I for the first time in a while thought the film was better than the book. However it wasn't all bad, I can't deny this would be perfect on a long flight or train trip because there isn't much else to do, but for just casual reading at home I really don't recommend. Sorry.

The only reason I carried on reading was because I like to see how books end compared to films and visa versa... And I am afraid to say the squeal just bored the pants off me.

xoxo Miriam

P.S. Sorry if you love this book, but I did read both until the end if that helps.