A Very British Prom.

//Dress - Misguided//Socks - Topshop//Shoes - Primark//Glasses - Radley London//Necklace - Homemade//Hair Bow - Crown and Glory//

I didn't attend a prom this year as my college doesn't have one, but this dress was the one I wore to my Secondary School prom. Which was held at a local golf club and naturally I arrived with my two best friends in a TVR sports car, duh. This isn't exactly how I styled my dress for prom but this is how I would style it now. Very preppy as always but I also took inspiration from The Wizard of OZ and Taylor Swift's album RED. 

I love the way the socks went with these shoes and the bow on them matches the hair bow I am wearing. I am a strong believer in neutral prom dresses with colourful accessories so you can wear the dress again. I feel like Spencer Hastings from Pretty Little Liars in this dress, I can imagine her wearing it!

XO, Miriam

Downton Abbey Inspired Beaded Headband

I have been working on this headband since January, but due school commitments and working a part-time job I wasn't able to complete this project until now. I am really happy with the result. I guess you could say I was inspired to make something similar to the head pieces that Mary in Downton Abbey wears, so I styled my hair in a similar way in order to show off my creation!

XO, Miriam

We'll never be royals.

This outfit was inspired by Lorde's song Royals, so I just had to wear my recently completed beaded headband and a velvet skirt from Topshop. As Lorde suggests in her song we'll never be royals so instead of wearing a cute blouse I went for this cropped tank top also from Topshop, which I think is a lovely way of showing a little bit of skin but not too much on a spring afternoon. I spent most of this afternoon drawing a writing in my journal which I have almost finished, most of the recent entries have been long and emotional due to my recent break-up from S and the exam stress did not help the situation. It is kinda ironic that I am wearing the bracelets he gave me, and the pearl earring, but I cannot waste good jewelry on a bad situation.

XO, Miriam

P.S. If you are going through a break up, just remember us girls can be stressed, depressed but well dressed.

Counting Stars.

So recently I have been experimenting with more summery clothes in the hope that the temperature would increase at the same time. So today I had a day off from exams and only had to run a few errands so I chose the pinafore that I made last year (I am pretty sure Forever 21 sell playsuits similar to this), and paired it with this cute nautical t-shirt from Zara and of course I wore a skinny tan belt (New Look) to give me a waist line!

"Perfection is the disease of a nation" - Pretty Hurts by Beyonce

XO, Miriam

P.S. He Left. (Faking smiles and forcing laughter and all that during the exam season)

The Small Things| Leather Brogues

For me a good pair of brogues are absolutely essential, maybe that is because I will forever be in love with classic, hard wearing and preppy items, and maybe it is because I wore a shirt, blazer and tie to school everyday for as long as I can remember. I prefer brogues with a heel, not the cutsey flat ones you see in highstreet fashion shops - New Look I am looking right at you - so for these beautiful shoes I went to clarks. Yes they are real leather, I just hope that the animal was reared in a friendly environment, and dies quickly.

Yes those are insoles you see in there, I have posture and calf muscle issues....

XO, Miriam

Kate Moss x Topshop

"Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" - Kate Moss

So many people disagree with this, and I can see why, it fuels eating disorder communities, e.g. the #ana tag on Tumblr which I have scrolled though a few too many times.  I also get the feeling that it can be taken in a positive way, meaning that you should do what feels best for you and if that is being slim and healthy then do that. For me this quote is really, I love food as past blog posts have shown, but I am also very proud of how far I have come with my body, I used to be the stick thin model type and I loved it. Over the last year I couldn't keep up the exercise that I could at school so over the course of April I have been becoming more active and I am really proud of the results so for me nothing really does taste as good as skinny feels, but for others nothing tastes as good as body confidence feels. What Kate Moss said was specific to her and her body type.

 Kate Moss is one of my favourite models, even if she is controversial at times. So naturally I could not wait to see her new collection for Topshop. And I found the perfect little sundress as I was flicking though the website, and luckily for me it was in my local shop. I cannot wait to wear this during the summer months for years to come.

I thought for the first wear I would style it really simply by itself with some tan brogues from Clarks with frilly socks also from Topshop. What could be better on a spring day?

Oh just look at the detailing on the bottom of the dress!

A change of perspective is all it takes to begin the day with a positive outlook, there have been times over the last few weeks when I have just wanted to quit what I am doing right now. But why would I give up what I have worked for over the last 2 years because I feel like I cannot do this on one day of the week or in the small hours of the morning. So I guess I should learn from the next 2 and a half weeks of exams that you need to work for want you want to do in life.

XO, Miriam

Dreaming instead of sleeping.

I have been loving this smock dress from Pull & Bear lately, it is so comfy and versatile to wear that I can see it becoming a weekly appearance during the summer months.  So naturally I wore it for my first exam of the season, with some plain black leggings from H&M, and my mums Levis jacket. For me this is a go to outfit when I need to be comfy and look put together at the same time. And I couldn't resist to put on my cat ears that I made for the RED tour!

You guessed it, I just had to wear some frilly socks from Topshop and some tan leather brogues from Clarks. In my opinion you cannot go into an exam hall without some preppy style straight out of Blair Waldorf's style book!

Dirty window selfie ;)

XO, Miriam

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

I have been really into creating cosplays (dressing up as) of Disney characters from what I have in my wardrobe, more specifically from Alice in Wonderland. My favourite version in by far Tim Burtons, because Johnny Depp and the dresses Alice wears are beautiful. In an attempt to recreate my doodled visions of an over the top "Alice" dress I added layers on top of a dress from Hollister that I have worn to be Alice before.

"If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there" - Cheshire Cat

As my room become ever filled with revision notes and a selection of text books that I have seemingly read an infinite amount of times, dressing as my favourite characters is by far one of the best ways to regain some sanity... That and caffeine makes me supper concentrated on one thing for hours on end (I also get really shaky and cannot sleep properly)


I am so glad that I can wear my handmade skirt over the top of other dresses while I wait for summer to add the underskirt...

I managed this shot on the second go! So proud I just wish there was a rabbit hole to fall down afterwards!

XO, Miriam