Tatiana's Wardrobe.

Tatiana is the blogger behind The Clothes Chronicles. A 26 year old from Toronto Canada,
she started her blog mainly to chronicle her outfits, and to create a space to obsess
about all things fashion and shopping. Wearing mainly simple pieces for the every
day girl, her outfits consist of classic pieces mixed and matched.

Hello everyone! When Miriam kindly asked me to write up a guest post on anything
fashion related endless possibilities flooded past me. Should I write about my
love for neon, my latest clothing obsessions, or maybe my current must haves for
summer. But then I thought about my little on going project I've been working on for
awhile now, building out my wardrobe.

I've always thought of myself as a great shopper. Knowing which stores to go to for
certain items, getting great deals, knowing when to purchase and when to hold out
for that sale. But then looking through my closet one day and thinking to myself, 'I
have nothing to wear' (as I'm sure everyone inevitably does) it hit me. Maybe I was
a good shopper but I wasn't a good purchaser. I had a tendency to buy things that
were great in the moment and would be great for a season per the trends but as
time passed would be harder to wear years later. So, I decided one day to put an end
to it. Trends are great as additional fun pieces to your wardrobe, but wasn't meant
to consist of your entire wardrobe (unless of course you have unlimited money to
spend on your clothes). And so began my project of building out my wardrobe to
consist of classic pieces that would last for years and would work on a multitude of

Here are my 3 must have's for any wardrobe -

1. Nude Heels.

Nude heels have to be one of the most versatile shoes out there. They go with
absolutely anything and everything, instantly class up an outfit and as if you neededany other reason to love them, they elongate your legs and give you the appearance
of being taller, which for a short gal like myself is much needed.



2. White Blouse

A white blouse is probably my go-to item to wear. It goes with everything, you can
dress it up or down and makes an outfit seem more put together. It's essentially the
dressier equivalent to a white t-shirt but so much better.






3. Pops of Colour 

If you ever need to add a little spice to an outfit, throw pieces that pop into the mix.
I usually do this through a necklace or some sort of jewellery and of course, through
shoes. Because they're meant to pop, they too go with almost anything in your



I'm still trying to figure out what basics I need, but with these at least
it's a good start.

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  1. Great basics! Nude heels are a must for me;)
    -mydogblog09 mylifethroughtheeyesoftheweb.wordpress.com