Summer Days Drifting Away.

The air was warm and sticky, as the ladies chinked their ice cold gin and tonics together. The misted tumblers glistened in the light as that all important topic of the nights party arrived, and it was with the quart once of venom in the voices of many that told the newbies that this was exclusive. You have to fight your way in with money, wit and good looks. Anyway back to the tale in hand, she sat just away from the main party by the art that had be laid against the wall, her head lowered just enough to create a sense of mystery about her. 

Later that evening, in the same attire she had donned earlier, layers of chiffon silk and a cotton tee, all cinched in tightly has her waist.  The summer weather called for a night of freshly cut grass, stars and swings. So as the sun set the party began, the icy champagne flowed from the bottles, as she began to swing higher and higher towards the sky, her legs outstretched until she jumped...landing with grace and poise next to the only eligible bachelor, who happened to be in the shadows away from the judging gazes of the many who surrounded them. She sat once more, but this time with a halo of light and flowers and a no longer single guy on her arm...







Dress from Angel Eye

T-shirt from New Look

Tights from H&M

Belt from New Look

Bracelets and ribbon are random 


xoxo Miriam 

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