A Very Late #LFW Post with Oxford Fashion Studio

Hannh Sykes


Noora Pajari

Sabina Saga
Emanuela Giannelli Design

Hooray for in ability to blog at all for far to long, if I told you how long I have had this post pretty much ready to post you would fee embarrassed for me. So I will try to make this short. Now you may have seen that last season that I attended the  OFS shows in Oxford, but while they were enchanting and showed me the wonderful mayhem that is pre-runway show it pales in comparison to the LFW shows. There was more of a buzz surrounding these shows, as well as an incredible location, Devonshire Square anyone?!

I am going to do a more in-depth post on one or two of the designers because I couldn't get over how much i loved their designs. But for now these are some of my favourite shots and looks from the shows. If you want to see more obviously head over to the OFS website (here) to take a closer look and find out about tickets for next season.

Sorry this post is oh so short, but I have so much to say about some of the designers that they need their own post or maybe a video I don't know yet. But it is coming I promise.

XO, Miriam

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