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//The China Study// 2.5/5 //

Let start with this I wanted to love this book, I wanted to be educated further through scientific evidence about the benefits of a vegan diet, I wanted to have something to refer people to when I am asked questions about my lifestyle choice. Instead, I have conflicting views about this incredibly popular non-fiction book within the vegan community.

For me, the best thing about this book was the writing style, it allowed the scientific bits more accessible to someone who hasn't read a scientific report or review for 3 or so years. By allowing the science to be more accessible it made it possible for me to form my own views on the evidence presented and whether it could help in explaining my lifestyle choice, and in working out how I should eat as a vegan to remain healthy.

This for me is where the problems lie, I felt as though some of the information was being manipulated or not included in order for the authors to further their own viewpoints. While I believe this book was in part written for this reason it felt forced, everything seemed to add up in their favour which for me at least felt a little bit off. I have since read other reviews of the book and I'm not the only one who has felt this way, by no means am I trying to say that the evidence that the book puts forward is wrong or has been misinterpreted but it does leave out some possible counter-arguments which I believe should have been considered. Having said that I don't know all that much about science and the way it should be conveyed to the public.

My overall conclusion on this book is to dip in and out of it, and only read the sections that interest you and affect your life personally and will help you educate those around you about a plant based diet.

XO, Miriam

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