A Toast to Knitwear

//Jumper - My flatmates//Jeans- Jack Wills//Glasses -Aluminium//

I was going back through my photos looking for a set of shots I took for a recipe post and while I couldn't find them I did find these random shots from when I went back to Devon back in March... But moving on from my useless blog organisation skills over the last 6 months. 

While I wore this outfit back in March it is perfect for the beginning of Autumn, this might be because I am a huge advocate of the oversized items of knitwear than can be dressed up or down. Knitwear for me is not optional, take this jumper for example dressed down here with old jeans, messy slept in hair and what I like to call my 70's specs. But add a pair of pumps in my case probably black, blacker than black skinny jeans ( can you see a theme forming yet?). Maybe a white button-down with the collar showing and my black framed glasses and you are ready for cocktails. 

So this is a toast to knitwear, for taking us from day to night effortlessly, for keeping us hella warm, and for making us look like we didn't roll out of bed and spill coffee before those 9am lectures. So thank you once again knitwear you are my saviour. 

XO, Miriam  

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