Posh Girls...

Posh Girls...

The Writing bit...
Expectaions as high as her Chanel heels, but money could buy you anything right? Not a career in fashion it would appear, it didn't matter how much money was on offer the bosses of Vogue and other such glossy magazines wouldn't take her. None of it made sense, but then she wouldn't know why till after. Until she had seen what she could do when given the chance, all it took was some clothes that were "so last season" and a needle and thread.

The Fashion Bit...
This ensemble made me feel like a posh girl ready for a private school like the ones you see in the films.
Top: New Look, Belt: New Look, Dress (worn as skirt): Angel Eye and Socks: Topshop.

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  1. This is so girly and pretty!
    I love all the ruffles on the skirt and I agree, it's very high school Blair Waldorf-y
    I wish you a very merry christmas sweetie and a happy new year :)
    Much love, Karen.
    ps: following you now, if you ever have the time to visit me back, that would be the best xmas present from you :)

  2. Aww thank you!

    Merry Christmas to you as well hope you have a good new year to!!!

    I checked out your blog and I am now following, it is lovely. :D

    Much love Miriam