Trapped by WORDS.

OKAY is all consuming.
It's what they ask when you stop smiling, "Are you OKAY?"
The smile you paint on in the cold morning air so you don't utter lies:

"I am fine"

"I am tired"

When all you do is hide behind a charade of OKAY


PERFECT traps you.
In a struggle to find the scars hidden behind:

The bracelets

The long sleeves 

and The lies.


EMPTY is what it leaves you.
There is nothing behind the barriers in your mind,
To keep 'them' out
To keep 'yourself' out
To keep 'life' out.

We are:

the walking dead,

the eternally damned

running from 3 words.


This is just a little poem I wrote on a scrap of paper a while back and have edited repeatedly since.

xoxo Miriam 

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