The Book Club: The Carrie Diaries

The Book Club: The Carrie Diaries

Having watched the entire television series in on sitting, I thought it would be a appropriate to read the book, now don't get me wrong I loved the book, but AnnaSophia Robb (Carrie) in all those clothes is just a little bit better.
Anyway, I read this a while ago but I have been waiting for the back to school season to begin, as this is the worlds best coming of age story for this in the UK college system! Both me and 2 friend all read this at a similar time, but we all come from very different experiences in life, and yet the book was relatable and seemed real to all three of us. *Round of Applause for Candace Bushnell*

The teen years of Sex and The City's Carrie Bradshaw are utterly addictive, I cannot wait to get to the library and find the next installment "Summer in the City".

Anyway back to the book in hand, yes there are scandals, not always resolved, no she does not buy vogue before food when first going to New York, and yes all manner of things go wrong for her and friends none of which appear in Sex and the City...

xoxo Miriam

P.S. If you would like a how to dress like Carrie from the television show comment/like this post

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  1. I have not yet read this, but it looks like you enjoyed it so I will give it a go!

  2. It is a really good easy read, enjoy xxx