Transitioning Summer to Autumn.

Autumn has finally hit the UK, and quite quickly too, but like the rest of you I don't want to stop wearing my summer clothes. So I have come up with an idea for how to wear your favourite summer dress in the autumn.

Take one summer dress (H! by Henry Holland):


(Please excuse the mess on my floor, I am avoiding tidying it)

Now add a chunky knit cardigan (New Look), a thin belt (New Look) to re-create your waist, and some tights (Iwi Creations):


Another option is to add a plaid shirt in a contrasting colour, in may case a pink 3/4 length one from Crew:


And for footwear, I will be wearing my converse and some frilly socks over the tights, or maybe some knee high tights with brogues?


The key to taking your summer wardrobe and wearing it in the colder months is to layer, and then layer some more, and shirts cardigans, coats, scarfs etc.

xoxo Miriam

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