DIY| Peter Pan Collar

So  because I watched Disney's Peter Pan, I have made a Peter Pan collar to wear with Tee-shirts and the like..

So anyway this is what you will need:

Needles and pins
White thread
Spare material

How to make it:

Draw or print off a picture of half of a collar and cut it out:


Now pin it to the fabric and cut it out x4DSCF5962


Pair them up with right sides facing if you have patterned fabric, and sew either with a sewing machine or by hand around the edge, leaving a gap to turn it the right way out:

DSCF5964 DSCF5965DSCF5967Repeat this with the other side, then sew them together in the middle:

DSCF5969 DSCF5970

Finally sew on some ribbon, I used 2 thin strips on each side:


And this is what it looks like on:


xoxo Miriam

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