I want to believe.

- Panic! At The Disco

 Today, I went to a fashion and arts exhibition at the National Trust's Killerton House and Gardens! What I didn't know when I turned up was that a lot of the peices that are on display at the moment are creations from 2nd year students at my college, which I thought was really cool... I hate the word cool.
 This was such a good shot, and then my camera photobomed, must get better at taking photos!
 This was one of my favourite pieces at the exhibition, as it brought the old world of the house together with new and creative art ideas. That and the colours remind me of Les Mis and the tricolour flag of France!

 I have explored the halls of this house a hundred times over, but as I walk into one of the rooms it had changed. It was covered in wall hangings from memorial day, covered in poppies, it was beautiful to see.

 I like maps. And globes are 3D maps. I was to scared to spin the globe so I took a picture of Russia instead, well it is where the Winter Olympics are taking place..

XO, Miriam

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  1. What a lovely place to visit. I have just joined the NT and need to explore a little further from home this year.

    1. You should, there are so many places to go and there is always cake and tea being sold! XO, Miriam