Time to ruffle some feathers

"No one and I mean no one can take my dream of Oxford away from me, well they just did and they are going to pay! I sometimes wonder if people realise how well connected a young 'innocent' girl like me is, it's not like I dine with the admissions officers of Yale and other Ivy League colleges, that aside I would love to study in England and you never know pick up a cute accent and maybe a cute boy to match... Anyway for now I need to persuade my lecturers to boost my grades even if that means a bit of how should I put it bribery. Ooops I didn't say that okay!" 

Now along the theme of gossip and the general ruffling of feathers I picked up a peacock feather in a cute little vintage place I discovered, I must admit it is a little out of the way but I had a few hour to spare the other day between lessons so I explored further down the high street than normal!



 Tu sais, tu m'aimes!

xo xo Miriam

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