Live the Adventure.

How can it be that the world is both so very real to us, but society creates a plastic coated version. Go and live your small adventures, nothing it truly real until you believe it to be, when you experience it in vivid colour. Of course daydreams count as adventures, but I suffer from permanent Wanderlust so travelling to new places, and bringing back a thousand memories, of the sights, smells the books I read on the plane and the music that I sang with the people I met.

 How is this relevent to an outfit, well I am am jetting off to India this year and I have finally created a list of things that I can and cannot wear while I am out there... but this scarf from Zara will be coming with me, along with the trousers both of which I invested in this week on payday ;)
Life is only in focus if you live the way you want to, and if the camera lets you capture it that way.

These photos were taken on the 22nd of March, following that I promptly watched 6 episodes of Downton Abbey with my best friend and my mum, I am not even a little bit sorry. There were sultana scones and copious amount of tea.

XO, Miriam

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