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 I love searching through magazine racks in newsagents, so the other day when I was doing just that I found a single copy of this magazine. Now I love making and editing clothes and find inspiration for just that, see this post... so this magazine seemed like a good idea. I could not have been more right, there are so many wonderful ideas hiding between the cover pages.
 Not only does it have DIYs and the like, it also has wardrobe tours, and interviews with budding fashionistas and DIY bloggers, from sewing to knitting... Most magazines like this tend not to be teenager orientated, but this seems to have the right balance of young adult and actual adults sorted perfectly.

And then there are the inspiration pages, which are my personal favourites.

No this post is not sponsored, and yes it is short but I could not resist writing a little something about it so I remember to find it again.

XO, Miriam

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