The Perfect Pancake Day.

For me pancake day isn't about eating as many pancakes as humanly possible, although I have done this in the past... It is about making the most the pancakes you do eat. Now I am fully aware that not everyone celebrates pancake day which was originally Shrove Tuesday a Christian day not long Lent, and Easter! Nevertheless I will impart with you my favourite pancake fillings, both savoury and sweet. Now before we go on, I am not a fan of the American pancake, but I am a great lover of the French Crêpe so I tend to make very thin pancakes to make up for my lack of skill in making crêpes!
Homemade vanilla crepes - JUST made these this morning for the kids and WE LOVED THEM! Thanks @Michelle Flynn Anderson for bringing these to my attention through your pinning of wonderful things!
Photo from Pinterest

 Savoury Pancakes:

I like to keep it simple but not the "classic" combination of bacon and maple syrup, the maple syrup should always be served with sweet things, in my opinion anyway ;) Now you must be wondering what on earth I do eat with my pancakes? Well the answer is Vegetarian Chilli con Carne, my family and I use them as a subsitute for tortilla wraps and tah-dah. A great lunch idea for them, well in my opinion anyway is to make a wrap with grilled chicken and/or halloumi with baby spiniach, some sweet pepper and houmous.

Sweet Pancakes:

This is were I like to experiment, but my number one favourite along with the majority of Britain would be lemon juice and sugar, which can be made even better with the inclusion of strawberries! Anyway other ideas well I have quite a few: Nutella and banana slices, maple syrup all by itself or with vanilla ice cream, plain golden syrup and finally cooking the pancakes with a swirl of jam on top or with blueberries in them. I prefer the sweet pancakes mainly because I love fruit and sugar is never a bad thing in small quantities.

I hope you enjoyed this post and got some ideas as to how to eat your pancakes on pancake day as well as the rest of the time!

XO, Miriam

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  1. i'm so excited for pancake day! i always put a milky bar in the middle of mine - it's seriously delicious!

    from helen at

    ps. you can win nearly £150 worth of high-end skincare on my blog right now :) click here.

    1. I haven't had a milky bar for what seems like and age, excuse me while I correct this and add one to my next pancake!

      XO, Miriam