#BootTribe Blogger Event.

On Thursday evening I made my way to the city of Bath to attend a blogger event hosted by DUO Boots. When I arrived I was unsure as to what to expect, except of course other bloggers! When I arrived I was greeted by two other bloggers who's names I have forgotten (typical) and we entered the store where we were offered champagne. It had been approximately a year since I had been to a blogger event so I experienced the same feeling of awkwardness to start with but after a while I relaxed and got round to discussing shoes with all of the other bloggers.

Part of the event was being able to choose a pair of boots to be gifted by the company I chose these gorgeous Mena boots that make me feel like Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl strutting my stuff through the upper east side so naturally I cannot wait for them to arrive!

By far the best part of the event was being able to meet and talk to other bloggers, some of which I have met before and some that I haven't!

XO, Miriam

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