Letters to October | One

Dear October,

You are not the worst month of the year with the kind of cold that sinks into my bones, but you aren't my favourite month either with the warmth that touches my skin as soon as I leave the comfort of my house. I can still see the sun but you don't quite let me feel the warmth that I love so dearly. So on go the coats, the knitwear and my refusal to believe that I might need to bring an umbrella and a mug of tea with me every morning when I catch the bus to my lectures. But it was as I made my way back from yesterdays set of morning lectures and seminars through the scattered fallen leaves and cracks in the pavement; I realised that is spring is hope then autumn is promise.

XO, Miriam

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  1. I just can't believe how quickly this year seems to be speeding by!