My First Semester at University.

University. People are right it is an experience, I have had some of the best times of my life as well as being stressed to the max. For those of you that don't know I am studying English Literature and Publishing Media and Oxford Brookes. Yup that is right there is more than one university in Oxford and I go to the one you don't know anything about, and the one that doesn't look anything like Hogwarts.

So far for me university has tested my emotional, physical and metal boundaries, I have gone over the edge mentally, survived on toast for 3 days and missed the hell out of everyone I love back home. But do you know what, it was worth it. Yup every second, even the nights where I was writing essays until 3am in the morning and the days where I procrastinated with my friends by binge watching films and box-sets.I guess I got lucky in terms of flat mates, I have friends who are struggling to find another room in halls because their flatmates are just awful.

In terms of my lectures and classes I had to suffer through some compulsory modules that were just the bane of my life, yes I take English Literature but does that mean I want to study Shakespeare and only Shakespeare for an entire module? No I do not. Some of my classes required more work than others, some were hardly worth going to, but hey I made it. Most of the time...

I haven't once considered dropping out or changing where I am, if anything I feel more at home in Oxford than I do in the countryside. Hopefully next semester will be just as good as this one if not better!

XO, Miriam

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