November Favourites.

(Clockwise: Smith Magazine, Moleskine Planner, Hair chalks,  Taylor Swift Polaroids, necklace, another Taylor Swift Polaroid and a disposable camera)
Smith Magazine:
A recent discovery while picking up a copy of a couple of my favourite magazines in WhSmiths. I guess it is more of a "book-azine" as one of my publishing lecturers would say, the articles are not only well informed and interesting but is one of the few magazines where it tells the stories of extraordinary people without critique. There is not question of what the scientists who were watching Mount. St. Helens were wearing when the volcano erupted or if the authors who crticised and inspired each other had regular fall-outs or sabotaged each others work. It is a stunning magazine, I hope to see this Australian magazine again on the shelves.

A Moleskine Planner:
This is more of a semester favourite this is the sole reason I have actually met all my deadlines on time, because quite frankly without it I would forget. It has also become the place of scrawled shopping lists and blog post ideas. And can I quickly mention that it is pink, which means I feel like Elle from Legally Blonde while sat in my lectures and seminars.

Hair Chalks:
I have been experimenting with these for a few months now but I think now that my hair is longer the effect it more subtle. I am currently sporting some purples ends where I am normally blonde, and quite frankly I feel pretty damn fabulous with a little bit of colour in my hair, and these are great because I don't have to commit to maintenance or the cost of permanent colour. These probably aren't so great for those with darker hair than I but if you do have lighter hair and are prepared to be called "indie", "hipster" or "a my little pony" for a day or two they are worth it!

Taylor Swift Polariods:
And her album 1989. If you have read this blog for longer than a year then you will know that I love Taylor Swift as an artist having seen her live in concert twice so far and again next year... Not only is the music great on this album but the sets of Polaroids that came with the physical album were just a beautiful. I cannot wait until my Polaroid camera arrive now so I can experiment with the different films and lighting!

The Necklace:
I am including this because I wore this necklace at least twice a week last month without fail. Enough said.

The Disposable Camera:
A little shout out to my friend Jaimie for giving me this idea! I have been taking a disposable camera out with me for the last two or three weeks capturing the events, but because I cannot look at the result and edit out photos I don't like it gave me time to actually enjoy the moment I was experiencing rather than looking at a screen.

What were your favourites last month?

XO, Miriam

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