Almost Monochrome.

//T-Shirt Dress - H&M//Skirt - Topshop//Leggings - H&M//Shoes - M&S//Necklace - Accessorize//

I find that during the colder months even when it isn't raining I turn to darker colours, in other words I wear black or nearly block everyday. So while the majority of this outfit is black, I chose to break it up with my velvet skirt, not only to add a touch of colour but to add texture and layers. I would normally wear a skirt that covers the end of the dress but today I hitched it up a notch on my waist to show off the stripes at the bottom as well.

This week has been quite relaxed for me, mainly because most of my university work at the moment is reading, which is something I could do everyday anyway. That and I know that the week coming up is going to be very hectic as I will be balancing blogging, university and attending Oxford Fashion Week. I am not attending all of the shows but it is still quite the commitment.

XO, Miriam

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