Walk and Explore.

 So yesterday I spent the day with my boyfriend who from now on will be known as S. Near by his family has some fields so naturally we went exploring, and the perks of living in almost the middle of nowhere means that you very rarely bump into other people.

You tend to forget just how big your local town is, well I do. I live in a village with no public transport and I forget that the town that I work in is so large and well connected to the city in which I study. I guess my perceptions with change when I hopefully head of to university in the autumn.

 I hate climbing trees, I did make it up today even if I only stayed there for all of 2 minutes...

 So S and I have been together for just over a year now, and as we couldn't see each other until yesterday I had no clue that he had bought me this Doctor Who t-shirt. So now I know I don't need to go to university because I am a fully qualified intellectual Time Lord I guess I don't have to continue doing far too many past papers and hours of revision, right?!
//Jacket - Peter Storm//Hoody - Saltrock(S lent it to me)//Tee - From S//Jeans - Topshop//Wellies and wellie socks - Hunter//
I hope you had a great weekend.
XO, Miriam

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  1. This is such a lovely post! I sometimes forget how pretty the countryside is. :)

    1. Awwh thank you! So do I, it is surprising as we live so close to it!
      XO, Miriam