The Mad Hatters Hat.

 In a flurry of inspiration I went from scrawling venomous words in deep inky black, the kind that worries people, the kind you are scared of, not because of what is in it but because you have been blinded. The kind of darkness that makes you fear the future and the unknown and retreat back under the covers. To drawing the Mad Hatters Hat. Sometimes I wonder, Am I Alice before she looked through the looking glass? The answer is yes as to me the world is still enchanting and the Mad Hatter is still real enough to touch in my mind, cracked tea pots and sunken eyes. But so much more than that the sort of person you would miss in a future life. 

"I am Alice before she looked through the looking glass"

So I took to my supplies of which I don't have many and tied them up in knots around a bowler hat seen here. Drew 10/6 on some folded paper, attached it to the spotty material with mismatched stud earrings and for a while I was the Mad Hatter complete with a fresh cup of tea (even if it was Green Tea, not English Breakfast Tea..).

I can see myself wearing this out at some stage, with some backcombed hair and pale eye make-up, and lest I forget the old school blazer, worn with ripped jeans and Doc Martens would be so perfect. But for now it will sit with pride upon my split end ridden messy hair. Not that, that matters at all I am only doing English revision today.

XO, Miriam

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