Fancy in pink.

So April has begun with the last coursework deadline for the IB, then it will be a month of revision... I just hope that it is sunny so I can make notes and read up on topics outside. However it is Easter this month so that means chocolate! Not much though I am trying to eat clean and workout at the moment to de-stress, as I find that get worked up a lot easier when I don't! Besides the nearly endless college work I have been loving the colour pink, which is a bit of a shock as I tend to stick to blue when it comes to colour, but don't these look so good:

If you have read this space on the internet before you will know that I wear these tights at every opportunity, you cannot tel from the picture but that have the silhouettes of Paris' most famous monuments.  and go really nicely with short skirts and shorts, of which I own plenty. (Only because I was gifted long legs)
So instead of blogging and going on fancy day trips like a lot of blogger do on their weekends I have been working as a lifeguard and swimming teacher, not new to me of course, but I am working extra at the moment to make up for the fact I won't be around in June. And naturally I have been revising my french by reading this funny little book, which I might do a review of in English and French.. maybe. I have only made it through one chapter in a week as I have to look up words but regardless of whether the book is good I really enjoy reading in another language.
I nearly knocked over the tripod several times while shooting this outfit. I have done a similar thing before with different dress also from Hollister, layering it over an old school shirt to almost create a new dress, I have also layered skirts and jumpers with dresses here and here.  And having worn school uniform for so long I just couldn't resist being super preppy by wearing my brogues which I believe to be from Clarks.

XO, Miriam

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