Love is blue.

//Necklace - Accessorize//Shirt - Zara//Jeans - Hollister//

The colour of the sea and the sky, of my camera and of over half the items in my wardrobe. To me the colour blue is the colour that represents everything I love and hold dear. My favourite shade of blue is the one that is also a pale grey, the colour between the sea and the sky just before sunrise and just after sunset. It is the before and after light. It is the one colour I will wear without question, so people see blue in my eyes above all the other colours. 

Blue is clear skies, deep pools of water, it is all the swimming pools I have ever used for therapy swimming, the numerous pairs of jeans I have worn to destruction, my preferred colour to write in, the colour of my bed sheets and the colour of love.  

Blue is love.

XO, Miriam

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  1. Beautiful blue necklace. Have a lovely weekend, Miriam. x

    1. Thank you Char, I hope you had a wonderful weekend.
      XO, Miriam