The Glamour of Italian Fashion and South Kensington

 So earlier this summer I took a trip across to London. Yes I know London again... but this time I was their with a purpose. Nana and I had been looking into to an exhibition at the V&A called The History and Glamour of Italian Fashion, so the week before the exhibition closed we booked train tickets to London and set of to South Kensington tube station. Before we ventured to the museum we stopped for a light brunch at a nearby Crepe place.

 I wore my velvet high waisted skater skirt and my new chunky block sandal with some overly frilly socks. Just outside the V&A there was an irish street artist who had some very strong opinions on what should be done about the troubles in the Gaza strip at the moment. Once we entered the exhibition we paid for out tickets and ventured through years of Italian fashion I was the closest I have ever been and ever will be to some iconic Prada shoes along with some stunning 1950's/60's dresses and even some dresses that Audrey Hepburn wore in Roman Holiday. Unfortunately I couldn't take photos or sketch anything down but I don't regret going.

The above bookshop has to be one of my favourite places, I didn't buy anything this time but I had several books recommended to me as I always do when I am in there. Following that we stopped of in Muriel's Kitchen, where we had a plate of sweet potato wedge and the most amazing juices! I cannot wait to visit again, not only was the food and drink amazing so were the staff.

Naturally after refueling we headed to the shops, now Nana had never been to Libertys before so we spent and hour or so exploring the fabric and home-ware section marveling at silks and dress patterns. So of course we needed a little sugar filled pick me up afterwards, so we went down a few flights of stairs to the Libertys cafe for a glass of pink lemonade and a strawberry tart.

Next up was Carnaby Street. Home of all the weird 60's fashion trends in London according to the guidebooks, and I must admit it is a great little place for shopping I even discovered a new shop that I will be shopping in again.... Where would you recommend to go in London?

XO, Miriam

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