Out and About in Whitby.

Is there anything better than seaside towns filled with the smell of salt water, surf wax and the local chippy? For me at least seaside towns with an option for surfing and possible vintage shopping are always going to find a way to my heart. Whitby is one of those places, even if we didn't surf, Ellie and I definitely did some vintage shopping and indulged in some fish and chips with our families. 

On out way into town in the hope that some of Ellie's favourite vintage shops were open on a Sunday, we spotted a sign to a vintage fair in a church. So we followed the signs and began to browse the different stalls. We both finally decided to purchase something from Twisted Vintage, which is a company run by a lovely lady called Nicola. She is currently on tour with her shop and has been across Britain this summer to festivals and other vintage sales. If you spot her brand go and have a look she has some great pieces!

This stall belonged to Nicola of Twisted Magpie

I wish I could spend more time in the sea, not on a boat or near the sea but in it. I realised the last time I was in the sea that there is something beautiful about the power of the sea and that no matter how well you can swim or surf ultimately the sea will always have the power to over throw you or to let you harness that power and let it feels as if you are at one with the sea.

XO, Miriam

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