Feminism & I

 I am a *dare I say it* Feminist. Sort of.

I personally don't really like the words feminist and feminism, yes once during the suffragette movement and Thacher's time in power they were relevant but now?  Maybe just saying you believe in gender equality would suffice?

I guess I have always been a "feminist" from asking why I couldn't be a fire fighter in the playground or why during secondary school as a girl I was meant to be more organised, multi-task and keep out of trouble. I first found out that this was feminism through Tumblr, the social network of equality and free speech... What I didn't know was that my views on feminism and opinion of gender roles in society would be integral to my classmates opinion of me during college. If asked yes I am a feminist but really I believe in the equality of all genders be that economically (earning the same wage for doing the same job), the right to vote and the social expectations pressed upon both genders from a young age.

So what is feminism to me as of right now? It is working to show both genders that they can be whatever they want to be, that yes men can suffer from anorexia as well as girls, and yes women can be good at maths. It is calling out people who seek to remain in the current patriarchal society for their own benefit. It is ensuring that every child across the world has access to free primary and secondary education as far as it is practical for them as individuals. It is working towards a better future that allows people of any gender to be able to stand up and give a political opinion in the House of Commons (or equivalent) without the fear of being laughed at. It was finding out in a geography lesson that is you allow women to be educated as well as men then the children of the future will be able to live healthier lives. It is human rights.

Yes I hate the word feminism as it is associated with man-hating but no I don't think it is a redundant idea, gender equality is still an issue across the world.

XO, Miriam

P.S. Here is Emma Waston's Speech about it for the UN:

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