What One Summer Taught Me.

Source: Tumblr

May taught me how to harness my emotions and make them my strengths. Take all of the pain that comes during the long nights after a break up and make it into the strength you need to sit 3 exams the next day. Okay maybe my results weren't what I had hoped due to an "in exam season" break-up, but my goodness did I learn that living is harder than dying. 

June taught me that nobody changes and everybody lies and that it is totally okay to take time out. Two week adventure in India and Nepal? Yes please! 

Source: Tumblr

July taught me why I don't give many second chances and how to deal with failing (by my own standards). It also taught me how to make new friends and leave old ones behind. 

August has taught me to be a little more reckless and adventurous and how to smile like I mean it. You know the smile that spreads all the way to your eyes when you can't think of a single horrible thing that has happened to you.

XO, Miriam

P.S. The quotes are from Paramore's Album Paramore, which has been one of my albums of this summer.

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  1. Love this album. I've had it on repeat lately.

    1. Same here, I cannot get enough of the instrumentals in the album.
      XO, Miriam