Start as you mean to go on.

As I have mentioned in the last couple of "rambly" posts I am off to University. Oxford Brookes to be precise, to study English Literature and Publishing Media. I am excited and worried in equal measures at the moment, and incredibly that I have a list of outfits I want to shoot but I cannot until next week when I have unpacked all of my clothes.

After the second year of the IB, I feel like I can face anything academically even if this does mean I will not settle for low grades easily... So this semester I plan to start as I mean to go on AKA get organised. Hopefully I can do that with the help of the above items:

  1. A moleskin planner - one this one is pink so it instantly made it even more fabulous than moleskin items already are. I liked this one because as much as I loved my lego one last year there just wasn't enough room for all of my assignments and deadlines. 
  2. My headphones - obnoxious and the looks silly on me but I like to shut out when I am doing school work or working out so these will work perfectly. I can work to normal music (some kinda freak I know) but recently I have been loving reading up on things while listening to classical film soundtracks (Harry Potter, The Hobbit etc)
  3.  A photo of my sister and I - A little something to keep me motivated and a reason to smile while I am working my butt off at my desk.
  4. A pencil case -  I hate taking notes or making list in anything other than pen on paper, I also have coloured pens, highlighters and sticky notes in there. 
  5. My notebook of lists and stuff -  I love a good list, nuff said.
  6. The Rucksack - I bought this beauty by Hershal from Urban Outfitters the other day having put away the money slowly all summer to get it. I do not regret the amount I spent on the little America bag I cannot wait to use it to keep all of my daily essentials including my laptop in. 

XO, Miriam

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