Letters to Winter| Two

Dear Winter,

I have been busy I guess. But I found time to start writing a journal again the other day, I don't know what it is but I have started to write down all the random little things that make me happy or sad throughout the day. If you look at the all of the words on the page they seem so insignificant but is there any other way of recording how you feel at that moment? I have begun to draw again, if you can call it that making up little stories in my head about love and wanderlust.

Do they like me? How can you tell when to stop trying? How do you admit that you need help? He said I love you. Maybe we should go and see that film you were on about... Fast forward. "I love you too." I heard myself say back. Could it be true? This isn't the escape she thought it would be, she thought a new city would help. But you cannot run from the problems that live in your head.
- A collection of sentences that I wrote down together the other day, questions, memories and escape.

Hopefully next week will be better.

XO, Miriam 

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