Cobbled Backstreets

 //Jacket - Topshop//Jumper - Primark//Skirt - ASOS//Tights - TU//Boots - M&S//

I never thought I would be one for long skirts and the Chelsea boot but alas the moment has come that I am dressing to match the presence of the city I live in. Living in Oxford but not going to one of the colleges is weird because you can still act like a tourist when you roam the cobbled back streets surrounding Oxford University. (I study at Oxford Brookes just so you know). This deep green skirt reminds me of the ivy that used to grow around my garden back in Devon as well as that I definitely feel impeccably well dressed every time I wear it making it one of this winters staples for me! Alongside the usual culprits my moto jacket and suede Chelsea boots.

XO, Miriam 

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