Jet Pack Blues

//Top - New Look//Skirt - H&M//Tights - TU//Shoes - Debenhams//Belt - Primark//

Meet my not so little sister, I felt it only fair as a made advantage of her wardrobe in my last two style posts to feature her and her personal style in the little corner of the net. It is pretty safe to say her style is generally pretty different to mine, despite us sharing clothes all the time, for one she can walk in heels and therefore can wear those statement chunky books you see in the photos and somehow she takes a feminine skirt and makes it tougher. This probably has something to do with the fact that we have different body shapes and that skirt looks nothing but sweet and girly (in the traditionally sense of the word) on me. Well that and she knows a lot more about style and clothes than I did at her age, dammit!

XO, Miriam 

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