Sliver Clouds with Grey Linings

//Cardigan - GAP//T-Shirt - H&M//Skort - Missguided//Tights - TU//Shoes - My Sisters//

Hooray for being back home for a while and having access to not only to my clothes but my sisters as well. Not only that but no more weird looks from people as I take photos in public, yep I still haven't got used to that. Anyway on to this outfit, as the weather has still decided to be cold despite it being May, I decided to go back to a more Autumnal wardrobe, layering summery pieces with tights and you guessed it knitwear. I haven't worn a skort in a while due to them being generally unflattering but when I discovered this high-waisted gem in my sisters drawers I had to try it on (meaning prance about like a model) Not only did it fit me perfectly The design had enough pattern to standout when almost drowned in this baggy cardigan, which I may or may not have pinched from my mum...

I have almost finished my first year at university and well I don't know what to think, it was so many emotions and experiences that I will never forget and some that I don't want to remember. I would like to think my style has developed but really I have worn mostly jeans and t-shirts and a lot of gym clothes. I have also accepted that there will be days when I will only change in to fresh pyjamas but hey I can't wear pretty things all the time. And I seem to have developed a taste for wearing a lot of black, to the point where my friends don't ask what I am wearing on a night out,because it will be all black everything.

XO, Miriam

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