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All I Know Now by Carrie Hope Fletcher - 4/5

I have been watching Carrie on YouTube for several years now and she is one of the few people who continues to inspire me as well as constantly be positive on camera. So when I had the pile of her book pointed out to me by a Waterstones' member of staff (despite it being at the front of the store...) I picked up ready to read on my train journey the next week. I was not disappointed her positive attitude and relatable nature came through in this book just as well as it does on camera. 

While this book is probably more appropriate for those in secondary school and sixth form college I still gained some advice and plenty of smiles (okay fine laughs) from this book. I read this on public transport so I much have looked like an absolute loon. In terms of the layout and structure of the book I loved the use of 'Acts' instead of parts as it added a Carrie touch, her being an actress and all. While I already knew a few of the stories from Carrie's past from watching her videos there were new ones, ones that made me laugh, ones that had me on the verge of tears and ones that were just plain silly. Unsurprisingly I loved every single one of them, the way she told them and the fact that while some of them were upsetting she used her not so perfect past to shape her advice and use it in a positive way.

Upon finishing this book I had learnt not just more about one of my favourite actress' and Youtuber's lives I have also considered my own life and how I could be more positive and use the past for good rather than to haunt myself occasionally when I remember the embarrassing thing I did in year 8. Not only that but I learnt to ask myself "Does it matter?" when I start to get irritable and down about something that is relatively small in comparison to the worlds problems.

XO, Miriam 

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