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A Work In Progress by Connor Franta 5/5

If ever was a book I would have said I probably wouldn't read this would have been it, alongside Girl Online by Zoella and all the other Youtuber books that are coming out. But something made this different, something made this book stand out above the literary fiction that I was browsing, it may have been the design or the fact that the way Connor writes is so articulate in the first page. What makes all of this more shocking is that I haven't watched his videos all that much, I am still trying to define what the something is that made this book everything I needed to read and read again this summer. I doubt I will ever manage it.

The first thing I want to discuss is the way Connor makes his points about the things he has learnt in his time on this earth, there is the occasionally funny anecdote but mostly it is all real, it is down to earth and thankful for his experiences both good and bad. He seems to have knowledge above his years, he admits that he spent his entire teenage years panicking about how to fit in, but in a way this isn't patronising to his readers. I personally think this comes from him having the understanding that not all his viewers are under the age of 15, there are people, creators, travelers, 9-5ers who engage in his creative visions.

"For the deep thinkers, big dreamers and innovative creators of the world who inspire me."

Throughout the book Connor reflects on how he has come to terms with several things about himself, but the thing that resonated with me was how he struggled to accept that he was creative. The way in which this is displayed throughout the memoir is profound, in that not only is the text beautifully crafted but so is the book alongside every photo integrated with the text. The book says a lot about how Connor has progressed artistically, starting off as a little ruff around the edges to creating flawless creative outputs.

This book has had the most affect on me a book can, except maybe Harry Potter, it has made me think about a whole range of topics from how we interact socially, the internet and the future. Over the next few weeks you will see a few post inspired by some of the thoughts and notes I made reading this book. I am going to make it required reading, for everyone who has read this review. I'm joking you don't have to read it but I will endlessly recommend it.

XO, Miriam

P.S. You can watch Connor's videos here, and follow him on Instagram here.

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  1. I seriously am so glad you loved this book as much as you did! This book along with Zoella's are the only youtuber books I'm genuinely interested in picking up. Connor did an amazing job with the beauty of the book. It shows utter creativity and dedication to something that he loves.

    I really want to give this one a go soon!

    Thanks for encouraging me to pick it up more♥

    Great post!

    - Jumana @

    1. I know, the aesthetics or the book are absolutely perfect! You should definitely pick it up, it is so inspiring, even if you don't watch many of his videos like me...
      XO, Miriam