Carry-On Essentials

For all of you lucky people traveling abroad this summer I have made a little list of all the things I bring with me in my carry-on bag. Well not all the things...

1. A magazine and a book, why both I here you ask, well there are going to be times when you are waiting at your gate to board the flight when you want something short to flick through and read. And on the flight you might want to read something more substantial as you have more time, especially on those long-haul flights.

2. Your Passport, if this wasn't already obvious.

3. iPod, to fill the expanse of time on your flight when you run out of films to watch or don't have any to watch. This is also good to block out the noise of any annoying noises or passengers near you.

4. Your boarding passes, this may sound obvious but I know people who thought they could get through just with their proof of booking, come on now.

5.Your phone, for contacting people, scrolling through social media at the airport, and for photo taking. I also take my camera, and all my chargers in my carry on.

6. Money, take some cash from both your home country and your destination, and if you have change for that country take that. Not being able to use a public toilet because you don't have change is just plain annoying.

7. Make-up wipes, I don't fly while wearing face make-up. If it is a short flight I will wear eye and lip make-up but on those long-haul flights make-up is a massive no-no. As well as this I use the wipes to refresh myself after a flight.

8. Lipstick and other make-up, depending on what time you arrive in a country and what your plans are you may want to take some light make-up to apply after your flight.

9. A lucky charm, this is something I have started doing recently I carry round this little wooden Ganesha that my tour guide in India gave to all of us. You can also carry something that reminds you of home for long trips to prevent homesickness.

10. The right sized bag, as you all know that depends on the airline. But you can use this link to find out what size bags are allowed for each airline.

Have a great trip!

XO, Miriam

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  1. These are pretty much my essentials! Also a lip balm because my lips get dry on the plane.

    1. I always for get lip balm, and nearly always regret it especially in hotter countries. x