Snow Blessed Dreams.

I have a weakness for snow, it softens the worlds rough edges there is no harsh urban jungle and rolling hills of the country they roll in to one never ending landscape that is endlessly appealing to both adults and children alike.

Something I scribbled down in my notepad earlier this week:

The world glides past, each landscape contrasting to the next. As always in this world they call home there is a pattern, from rural to urban and back to rural again, a seemingly endless pattern. There is a grey area between the two opposing areas, known to the people as the middleground, it is neither harsh like the concrete city nor is it the soft freshness of grass and the countryside. The middleground is where people who are lost go to begin again.




All things considered it is very difficult so dress warmly and still look nice. I find a silk scarf tends to soften any rough edges of the classic winter coats and jackets. On another note I am in love gradient coloured jumpers like the one I'm wearing.



Even though I couldn't make it into college I did manage to complete the majority of this weekends homework including ToK and Geography essays.



Jacket - Topshop, Jumper - Soul Cal @Republic, Jeans - New Look, Wellies - Hunter


xoxo Miriam


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  1. Beatiful description!

  2. Pleasure, you are a really talented writer! xx